Advancements in laser technologies?

Hey HairTell!

I’ve been a long-term lurker here for about four years or so, and used to be very proactive on permanent hair removal (electrolysis); I wanted to permanently remove 90% of my body hair. Although it was unfeasible when I wanted to do it (I was 16 at the time, so still very young), I was very weary of lasers despite being the absolute perfect candidate (pale skin with black hair).

I have heard of too many horror stories where people were experiencing induced growth after using lasers. I thought my only option for permanent satisfaction was the long and cumbersome road that is electrolysis… I have decided to give laser another try, however, and I personally hope to find a laser clinic that is both passionate and actively involved in cutting-edge technologies.

Now I know I’m preaching to the choir here, but is laser hair removal ACTUALLY permanent? I know I won’t achieve 100% removal with lasers due to growth cycles and sporadic growth, but I’d really like to remove all of my body hair aside from some small amounts of forearm and leg hair.

Have there been any considerable advancements in removal technologies/laser machines that now offer more stable and permanent results than before? I’d love to read up on them, as I am considering all options for permanent removal right now. After college, I plan on putting a good block of time away (a year or two) to achieving lifelong permanent results. I’ve let this dictate and judge my life for far too long for me to take it any longer (can you become depressed from excess body hair? I’m pretty sure I’m prone to that…)

Are there any blogs, websites, or any articles I can read that show promising results with the laser hair removal industry? I’m merely a speculative and weary consumer right now, but I do want to reeducate myself and gather as much knowledge as possible before I put potential thousands and thousands (I basically want my entire body hair free) of dollars on the table.

Thanks a lot yet again, Hairtell, you guys have always been so awesome!


Hi Connor! What happened with your and your mother DIY electrolysis project?

Hi Connor,

I would say that with a goal this gigantic, you should consider doing BOTH laser and electrolysis. Each modality has specific strengths and weaknesses. (A young fellow I just completed did back hair removal with electrolysis (me), and, chest “thinning” with laser.) I approve of his well-thought-out plan.

And, that’s the point. ALL of this hair removal stuff is now “consumer driven.” Continue your research and find a genuine expert. Top laser people will recommend electrolysis where needed; AND top electrologists will recommend laser where appropriate. Find someone who can direct you to the right modality for the specific task.

Spend your money wisely. Get REAL estimates of TTT (total treatment time); don’t accept vague statements. Do test areas and give those test areas TIME to see if results will meet your expectations. Do not JUMP into any program on a whim, or that “the person seems professional.”

Be a savvy consumer! Be glad you didn’t spend a fortune before you started asking questions.

@ekade: Hey! My little DIY project with my mom has taken a backseat as I’m away at college! I still have permanent results on my forearms/hands from our machine that’s sitting in the basement right now though! Love that thing!

@Michael Bono: Thank you so much for your reply! I was thinking I would probably need both mediums of treatment to achieve results I truly want. Are there any specific lasers that are better than others? I know that this is a very vague question, but I believe I’m a skin type III (very pale in the winter, tan in the summer, black hair, rarely ever sunburn) with coarse hair in the areas that I have dabbled with (vellus hair on my arms and budding peach fuzz on my shoulders – I bleach that for now, though.)

Are there any medications I can take to lower hormones to prevent new hair from developing? I’m just sick of not wanting to get romantically involved with anyone because of how self conscious I am. It’s getting ridiculous!

Laser is permanent. I’m living proof. You can also click on the sticky post called Success Stories and read plenty of them.

Laser only works on COARSE dark hair, so it doesn’t just have to be dark. If done correctly, on a good machine with good strong settings, on the right type of hair, you will get permanent results.

Please read the FAQs below to learn how to determine which of your hair fits the bill and find a good clinic with the right machine. They will answer all your questions above.

What you should do is use laser for all the areas with coarse growth, and then finish with electrolysis on whatever finer hair remains.

Laser is permanent hair reduction and indeed you should research what areas would respond the best to laser. I love it when people start with laser first (if they fit the good candidate status) and finish with electrolysis. It makes my job so much easier and speeds things up for you the consumer. I am a real fan of combining both modalities when people want multiple areas done. For those that want electrolysis only, that can certainly be accomplished. DIY’ing is pretty slow, so one can get frustrated if they have a lot of hair to remove, just like you are feeling now.

New technology? A laser specialist would have to answer that, but as far as I know, laser is still attracted to dark, coarse, dense hair.

Connor, would it be possible for you to submit some pictures of your hair? I kind of remember your forearms, but would love to see them again. If you don’t want to do this, it’s okay!

chiming in to add my laser successes below in my siggy. No major advancements in the last few years but newer systems allow for faster treatments.

another vote for both both both!! : ). Get a good tech, a good Alexandrite laser by Cynosure or Candela and there’s a good possibility that 75-95% of hair on most body parts will be removed permanently just by laser, the rest to be done by electrolysis.