Advanced Laser Clinics

Does anybody hear and/or gone to any Advanced Laser Clinics? it is any good?

there are tons of experiences on all forums about this chain, run a search. they vary by location, but as generally a lot of negative experiences.

please use the search feature to find recommended clinics in your area and use the tips for finding others in the FAQs. It’s very rare that someone from the entire US who has been to one out of the millions of clinics that you mention will actually stumble upon this forum the day that you post, and after that it won’t be on the first page of the forum anymore.

where are you located?

hey thanks im located in Temecula CA, i did a search and seems that Advanced Laser Clinics and AMerican Laser Center have some sort of connection or are the same thing, clinic?

yes, one bought the other

what’s your skin and hair type?

oh, i see, well i have some pics of me.
Im latino, 24 years old

I may be skin 3 i think.
Also my abdomen is kind of white but some pigmentend brown little brown, i dont know if its becasue i have little dry skin in that area or maybe cuz my hair make it look like that.
My hair is dark and kind of tick in my chest and dark and little tick in my abdomen, also im getting hair in my shoulder and back . Black, still fine in some places and little bit tick in other

your skin is pretty dark. Type III is a pretty white caucasian color. You’re probably a IV or so, which means you need a diode or Yag laser. The hair is dark and looks coarse, so it shouldn’t be a problem with either type of laser.

yeah im type IV <img src="/ubbthreads/images/graemlins/smile.gif" alt="" />
i may go to the american laser center here in temecula ask to get a test shoot if possible and all that stuff to see if they are good at.


be careful not to fall for the hardcore sales pitch. they will be offering supposed discounts to try to get you to sign up the same day. don’t fall for it. definitely visit 3-4 places and compare techs and prices before you decide on anything. you also might not want to prepay for treatments if you can avoid it so you have the option of switching later if you’re not happy. also, keep in mind that this chain has a very high employee turnover, so you’ll probably get treated by a different person every time you’re there, so don’t rely too much on who treats you this time around. personally, I would strongly prefer a private clinic interested in my personal results.