advanced laser clinics

Has anyone been to an ‘advanced laser clinic’ (I’m awaiting a response to the e-mail of questions I sent them) I believe they use the diode laser. Also-I’m just interested in reduceing leg hair, not being completly bare, would one treatment be sufficient?

Hi Greg,
Please keep us posted on this! I want to do the exact same thing to my arms–one or two treatments simply to make the hair less noticeable. I am also considering the Advanced Laser Clinic in La Jolla, CA. I read somewhere on here that they have a 2-year guarantee, meaning that after the fifth treatment, all followups (if any are needed) are free for the next two years… as long as you space the first 5 the way they want you to (8-12 weeks apart for legs, I think).

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I have been to advanced laser clinics in La Jolla and they have been the greatest clinic in addressing my needs and working with me.

I have had full legs done since I am a cyclist and overall I would say after 4 treatments I am 80% clear on bottom legs and 70% on top as the inner thighs seems to be the hardest right now.

They use the lightsheer ( I believe its the XC) but I can be wrong.

On full legs they space it out every 12-14 weeks. I do believe to get the results you are looking for more than 1 treatment is going to be needed and they do have a new pricing structure where you can do al carte which is pay as you go with no guarantee and no set treatment parameters.

Now they also do one year and 2 year guar if you want to go the whole route.

Now also keep in mind if you are super dense it may take more than 1 as I have stated before.

Are you super dense trying to go thin or do you not like the volume?

Hope this helps both of you and if you have more questions post here and I’ll help you out even more.

Hey Biker,

I too live in San Diego and was researching Advanced Laser Clinics in La Jolla. Can you recommend a laser tech to see? I’d rather have someone perform this procedure who has some experience. Thanks in advance.

Hey Incognito,

The person that I like to do my treatments is Shelia and she is a very nice and professional lady who seems to have alot of exp. in doing this stuff.

There is another person with the initals LE and she did it last time as was very nice but don’t know too much about her.

If you have any questions please feel to ask

Appreciate your response Biker. I made an appointment for tomorrow at the ALC in La Jolla. I’ll let you know how it goes.