Advanced Laser Clinic or Ritacca- Advice?

I am new to this forum and am looking at getting laser hair removal done on my face. I am currently looking at Advanced Laser Clinic and The Ritacca Laser Center.

Advanced uses the LightSheer and Ritacca uses Alexandrite.

The person running Advanced was a technician, and not a doctor. This scared me a bit as well as she did not do a test patch. They are charging $383 for the lip and $521 for the chin.

Anyone have a recommendation for a provider in Illinois?

are those prices per treatment or for a package?

The prices are a package (6 treatments) for each area.

Is this a good or bad price?

that’s a normal price for a package. do you have dark coarse hair and light skin? laser won’t work on fine hair, and especially on the face can stimulate more hair if what you have is just sparse. do you have a lot of hair and is it coarse?

I have olive skin with dark hair. I’ve been tweezing for a while so they are pretty course. The hair is really confined to the upper lip and sides of the chin.

If you say it will grow back worse on the face, should I even bother if it will not be permanent?

first, if you do it, the hair should be coarse and you need a Yag laser. sounds like you’re darker than a type IV. Second, if you only have sparse hairs here and there, you should consider electrolysis. Unless you have an almost full beard/lots of coarse dark hair on the face (for women), I would also prefer electrolysis on the face over laser.