Ads for Home Use Machines - HeySilkySkin and othesr


I got served several posts on Facebook for devices such as HeySilkySkin. Funny enough, I saw a bunch of comments from dozens of people asking legitimate questions about this product and saw the company blatantly lie to people saying they can use the device on any hair type and color with great results and with zero pain at that. They also claimed that no hair removal is permanent (vs. that their specific device cannot possibly provide permanent results).

Just a warning that I replied to a few of these potential customers with facts and directed them to do more research on a site like this one. 1 day later, the company deleted all my posts and blocked me from commenting. Ha!

Take from that what you will, but a really strong case here not to trust self-policed comments and reviews. This particular company directs people to read obviously self-created and curated reviews on their website instead.


Hi LaGirl,
We’ve noticed a resurgence in home laser units misrepresenting their products. The other major manufacturer that I’ve seen this with is the Elos home ipl device which for a while was claining to kill the hair with thermolysis energy. I’m happy to see you fighting the good fight, to refute some of the bogus claims. It’s this kind of expertise which made hairtell the go -to place for consumer information for many years now, and so it shall be forever!