Aculight - how soon can I judge failure?


I’m new here and looking for your comments. Over the past 7 months I have had 4 Aculight (IPL) treatments on my legs and bikini line. I have very pale skin and red hair. After the first two treatments I thought I saw some improvement but now I seem to have gone back to the level of hairiness that I had at the beginning. I’m not seeing any shedding during/after sessions and because I have to shave before each treatment I don’t understand how the operator can tell whether any improvement is occurring. In the UK IPL is horrifically expensive - I’ve spent about £1300 ($2000) so far. After 4 sessions is it reasonable to judge that this isn’t working or do I need to get another 2 treatments before I can make that decision?

Are there any true lasers that would work better than IPL on my colouring?

Many thanks in advance for your feedback.


Hi! The best you can hope for with your coloring and the machine they are using is temporary hair loss, for maybe about 4 months. Even the Aurora machine is really only temporary, and red hair is as difficult a color as you can get to remove. If you are patient and can tolerate the discomfort, you could try electrolysis, but there is no laser/IPL that can effectively remove white, blonde or red hair at this time. I hope this information helps - please keep us posted. :wink:

I disagree with Hairfetish here. I have red hair and light skin, and the Aurora has worked well for me, and has certainly NOT been temporary. If you can find a place with an AURORA, then you should definitely go for a consultation.

Hi Tanguera, im also from the UK and i know what you mean about the expense, so far i have spent £3500 on laser treatment and it shows no difference to how it was before!

Nelly - are you going to carry on with treatment? I feel like I’m getting into debt for nothing. I really wanted it to work but I’d really be expecting to have about 50% less hair by now.

Does anyone know if there is now an Aurora machine in London?


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I’ve decided to stop treatment. All the hair is coming back really strongly and I just can’t afford to waste any more money on this. I don’t relish the thought of getting my legs done by electrolysis (years and years of agony and scarring :frowning: ) but at least I know that works on me.
thanks everyone