Aculight experience?


Hi all,

I have decided to start a course of Aculight on my chin since the plucking messed up my skin somewhat rotten, and also I also couldn’t cope any longer with the increasing stubble (that looks bad on an a face that belongs to a 49 year old female!!). My first session is in 2 weeks, and I will gladly report back with my experience.

Having only just discovered this marvellous site (a big THANK YOU to Andrea!!!), I am curious, however, whether anyone has had any real experience with Aculight. I saw a couple of postings that mentioned Aculight, but they are a few months old and didn’t offer conclusions.

Rose :confused:

BTW, I found HAIRTELL and HAIRFACTS when I was searching for sites that sell Kalo. I had used one tube of Kalo before on my legs (which I have had waxed ever since I can think…). I had not noticed any discernable difference from using Kalo after epilation, but since I know hair removal involves patience, I was ready to give it another go an buy more Kalo. Luckily I found Hairtell/Hairfacts first, and I will now definitely not spend another penny on Kalo.

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