Acne pits

Has anyone here suffered from these?

Lots of people out there do. There are certain laser treatments that can help. You would need to see a dermatologist to know for sure.

There is no reason, that you can not have electrolysis. Is this your concern?

No, my concern wasn’t about electrolysis. I know this is a hair forum but I noticed a lot of acne topics. So thought I’d start one too.

Diverse sorts of scarring structure because of skin break out episodes. Scars can either be spaces in the skin or raised meaty developments, known as keloids. The skin break out scars which are indented, or set, are given different names, contingent upon the shape they frame. Ice pick and freight car scars are little openings that are very profound and soak. Moving scars are shallower, however they are more extensive and make a wavy-like appearance the skin. A dermatology facility will have the capacity to treat skin break out pits for you.