Acne and Electrolysis

Hello, just want to ask a question! I am not a native speaker, please do not laugh about my engliash!

I have acne on my face, can I still have electrolysis treatment to removeal my facial hair?

In the book" Cosmetic and Medical Electrlysis and temporary hair removal" says that " avoid electroysist in Active lesions of acne( electrolysis maybe performend near the active lesions, but not in them)… Is that mean electroysist still can performe on the acne infection Skin, but electrolysis should avoid Acne area? Is that correct?

Any answer will greatly appreciate!


Hey there tommychen! How are you?

You have got a great book in your hands. Of all the electrolysis books in my library, that’s my favorite.

Electrolysis should only be performed on normal skin. We need to work on skin that is calm.

True, we can work around acne flare-ups. However,if electrolysis is performed in red or infected areas, the heat from electrolysis increases the blood flow and swelling occurs and this can temporarily worsen the acne. Cataphoresing and ice afterwards can minimize the swelling and reddness. If there are acne pustules and the probe comes into contact with the the pus, we can spread the infection to normal areas.

Some sources say because of the sterilizing action of the probe, treating an acne lesion is not dangerous. I prefer not to go anywhere near non-normal skin when I epilate. After the acne calms and clears, the action of electrolysis in the area may prevent future acne flare-ups.

Take care and thanks for a very good question.


Hi ! Really appreciate your reply, it’s very clear, and it helps.

After I saw your reply on “How i feel hair”. They are encouragingly , so I am ding good these days, it seems that electroysist is my hope! My previous treatment was not good, and i just found a good electrolysis studio. i was recommended by Toni, and she seems have a good result so far! I will try that studio on Ocotber, when i come back from vacation. However, i have lots lots of new hair grwoth after my previous treatment(1 months ago, and the hiar are not all removed), and i just worried that i will have tons of new growth when i have vacation at home!! i probably will be looks like a monkey.hehe)

I just bought that book. It is a nice book to have,and it contains lots of valuable inforamtion, i almsot finsih reading half of them so far.