Accutane & electrolysis


I’ve recently develop a skin infetion and the doctor prescribed some tetracycline to clear up my complexion. I’ll be on them for a month and a half then I’ll see my doc again to see if the meds worked. He said if it doesn’t clear up by then, he’ll put me on some Accutane. So my question is: Can I use Accutane while undergoing electrolysis treatment?

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Although there is no reason not to do electrolysis while using Accutane, anyone useing that drug while getting electrolysis work done will experience more redness, more sensation and have more skin irritation in general. Accutane is a vitamin A acid like Retin A, and as such scales off the skin.

So the short answer is, if you are motivated, there is no need to pause your electrology while using Accutane, but you may want to hold off on treatment for reasons of comfort. Your electrologist may want to wait just because she or he doesn’t want to work on you while you are more sensitive, and your skin is in a constant state of irritation.


Now I’m confused because I looked at another website and they say not to have electrolysis done while on Accutane…I would have to wait 6 months to continue electrolysis treatments after stopping the Accutane.


As stated before, your electrologist would most likely perfer it if you were not useing Accutane during treatment because she or he doesn’t want you to think that the pain you feel, or the state of your skin after treatment is due to the work she or he has done.

Simply put, a person useing this drug, and many others will not have the same experience as someone who has a clean system, and skin that is not under attack by sloughing agents. No one wants to be sued for an infection, or flakey skin, or any other reactions you may get because of something not under their control.

Its not like smoking while using the nicotine patch. It won’t kill you. You will just have to take real good care of your skin during this time. Keep it clean, drink your water, and stay out of the sun! If you can’t stay out of the sun, use the best sunblock you can get your hands on. Thats all.