Acculight - please read this! Depressed.

Hello everyone,

Firstly I would just like to say that this site is fab :smile:

I am a 22 year old female who has been plucking the hair on my chin for around 3 to 4 years. This has resulted in the hair growing back coarse - I spend half an hour everyday plucking this hair. The skin on my chin has now scarred - looks darker with marks.

I now want to have acculight treatment done here. This is quite popular in the UK - could anyone please give thier advice.

I have fair skin with black hair. I really do need help, I simply can’t go on like this.


Hello Twitspie,
My situation is very similar to yours. I’m a 24 yr. old female with very light skin & black hair. I’ve plucked the hair on my chin and neck since I was about 16, and finally decided I couldn’t keep plucking an hour everyday. Although I can’t give you any advice on Acculight, I can share with you some things that have really been a big help to me. First of all, educate yourself on all your hair removal options, different types of lasers, etc., by going to Next, schedule as many consultation appointments as you can with different places. Ask LOTS of questions, this will help you to see how qualified the person is, how much experience they have, and if they’re upfront about things and willing to address all your concerns. I’m sure the other forum members can give you a lot more experienced advice, but I hope this helps some. Good Luck :smile:

Hi Yeayea,

Thank you for the reply. Could you please tell me what kind of laser you opted for? And just a brief description of how it went along.

Thank you so much

Hi Twitspie,
I my town, it seems like most of the places that do laser use various alexandrite models, although I did find a few that used an ND YAG. A number of people advised me that with my coloring, I would get good results with the alexandrite. The clinic I started going to uses an EpiTouch Alexandrite. The treatment time took about 10 minutes. A layer of protective gel was applyed to the area to be lasered, and although there was discomfort, especially in the places where the hair was the most dense, the pain from the laser was very bearable. Afterwards there was redness (although not as bad as I had thought there would be since I’m really fair) that faded within a few hours. I’m thinking about changing clinics, nothing to do with the laser or treatment, just wasn’t too sure about the people who worked there. The place I’m considering uses a GentleLase Alexandrite. During a consultation 2 months ago I had a test patch done with the GentleLase. In my opinion it was a tiny bit more uncomfortable than the EpiTouch, however after 2 months the test patches with the GentleLase are still smooth. It’s been 1 month since my EpiTouch treatment & I have quite a bit of regrowth. Hope this helps…let me know if there’s anything I left out… :smile:

Aculight IPL devices are OK, but I’d look into an alexandrite or diode used by someone with LOTS of experience.