acceptability of male hair removal

Assuming that cost were not a factor how would each sex feel about a male permanently removing hair from various parts of his body.
As a male would you be desirous of removal of hair from your:
Chest: yes__ No__
Back : yes__ No__
Legs : Yes__ No__
Pubic area: Yes__ No__
Underarms: Yes__ No__
As a female would you approve of your boyfriend or husband having his hair removed from his:
Chest: Yes__ No__
Back : Yes__ No__
Legs : Yes__ No__
Pubic area: Yes__ No__
Underarms: Yes__ No__
I’m trying to determine if we have a double standard when it is o.k. for females to be smooth and not o.k. for men to enjoy the same smoothness.

I think you are leaving out a very important area. Your list doesn’t include the face.

My male clients get hair removed on the face (beard manicuring, or removal) and eybrow work. After that, most men are coming to me for back hair removal and pubic work.

Your right I did inadvertantly leave out the face.

Acceptable hair is arbitrary and socially defined. In Western society, women are generally expected to have less hairs than males. In the US, this has gotten to the point where females are often expected to remove all hair but head, eyebrows, and a small amount inside the bikini.

Males traditionally removed only facial hair, but the trend in the US is toward more male hair removal, especially the back, shoulders, and to a lesser extent, the chest. This will probably continue, based on the trend in advertising, entertainment, and fashion to depict males with little or no body hair.

Armpit hair remains a last bastion for male hair-- I haven’t seen a lot indicating that male armpit hair will be common anytime soon.