Acad' Epil hair inhibitor?


I found this report in “Health and Beauty Salon” magazine (September 2002):

“Acadèmie takes control”

“To help control and slow down the re-growth of body hair, Acadèmie Paris has created the Acad’ Epil range. The active ingredients, capable of inhibiting keratinization of body hair, are combined with soothing, moisturising and antiseptic components. According to the company, hair becomes thinner, finer, lighter and more supple, and the development of in-growing hair is reduced. A post-depilatory salon treatment is available for use directly after waxing, to moisturise and calm skin irritations, which the client reapplies for two or three days at home. In addition, there are four retail products to follow this treatment through: Acad’ Epil Body Lotion (150ml) is for use on arms, legs and body; Acad’ Epil Sensitive Areas Cream (50ml) helps reduce irritations in sensitive areas (for men, it also calms and sooths razor burn); Acad’ Epil Roll-on Deodorant (60ml) – alcohol and preservative free – regulates perspiration and neutralises odours. Jica is UK distributer.

“Price: £68.26 (for one of each of the four items), excluding VAT. Alternatively, products can be bought individually; from £7.38 (Roll-on Deodorant), excluding VAT; rrp £17, including VAT; to £10.22 (Sensitive Areas cream), excluding VAT; rrp £18 including VAT.”

£7 UK is approx $10.50 US
£10 UK is approx $15 US
£17 UK is approx $22.50 US
£70 UK is approx. $105 US

VAT is UK Sales Tax, which is applied at point of sale at 17.5%

I think you’ll only be able to get the ‘after-waxing’ treatment from a salon. Though you might be able to get the other four from retail outlets.

The only contact I have is to go to and quote enquiry number 174.

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Is this different from Epil Stop N Spray here in the US? I remember that thing.


I really don’t know!

The article claims the product is new. The active ingredients might well be the same as in another existing product.

It also states that the active ingredients “are capable of inhibiting keratinization of body hair”

I think the key phrase there is “…are capable of…”.
My own personal opinion is that it might not work for everyone. And with some people, continuous waxing can reduce body hair, anyway!! So any claims the company make are very difficult to substantiate.


Yes, Toni, this sounds like standard hair inhibitor sales talk-- there’s no published data indicating these products work, and they don’t even list their active ingredients.

It’s very hard to accurately judge a claim of hair inhibition, especially when you’re epilating. It’s possible that any changes you observe are from epilating alone.

I’d skip that one for now. The U.K. is pretty bad at regulatong hair removal products-- I’ve seen some real big scams go unchallenged there for years.


I’m not surprised scams go unchallenged in the UK …
Generally, I think we Brits tend to be just a little bit too shy and retiring when it comes to standing up to these people!!! :frowning: