about safety of microwaves

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I came to know through this site that microwaves are absorbed by all components of the skin. so, they create damage to the skin. I agree! If microwave is discharged through patches, they may target all parts of the skin.
How about the tweezer like attachment in which individual hairs are held in between the tips and then energy transferred to the hair follicle?will this also affect the skin?
Does anyone have the experience of using it?
If so,please send me where to get it.
Is there any other way to remove hair permanently other than Laser or electrolysis which is affordable?
Please send me your suggestions.
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The energy delivered via patch systems is not powerful enough to cause permanent hair removal.

Energy traveling down a grasped hair will dissipate across the skin when it hits the skin. path of least reistance.

These devices are all unproven and generally considered to be scams.

The only inexpensive option for permanent hair removal is home electrolysis, but it’s very difficult.