About having children in the future

I sometimes think about how much my body hair has negatively affected my life and that I got like this over pure chance(my siblings aren’t like me). I want to have kids one day, but I worry about passing down these genetics and that he/she will have to deal with the same things that I did.

It almost gets to a point where I might not even want kids because I wouldn’t want them to go through this depression, embarassment etc. even though I’m healthy otherwise. Have you ever felt like this? Or do you have kids who either did or didn’t inherit your body hair genes?

It is what it is. People reproduce for a reason, they love someone. Obeseity probably has some form of genetic role, yet you don’t see overweight people putting off having kids. I think to some degree everyone wrestles with this but, like a lot of people, hopefully you’ll get over it.

In my opinion hair problems is not a legitimate reason to not have kids. There are people with serious hereditary genetic diseases that overcome mountains of obstacles just to have kids. If half of the planet stopped reproducing over cosmetic consequences for their offspring, we would have an empty planet.

My Mother’s first cousin (a double cousin in fact) had a male pattern beard growth (black that showed through her skin) and a body covered with male-type hair. She married a wonderful man and had two beautiful daughters - neither of which have a hair problem like their Mom.

Please do not let excess/unwanted hair stop you from loving life and other people.

We all feel like this sometimes. I understand where you are coming from, but try not to let this issue stop you from living your life. What happens is beyond our control.

It’s just a feeling I have sometimes, not that it’s gonna get to that. I’m just concerned for my future kids. Would it be wrong to get them hair removal treatments at an early age?

Thinking about having kids … and their future? Well, I could give you a LOT of reasons not to have children, and none of these reasons would have anything to do with “unwanted hair.”

Something like overpopulation, diminishing resources and a somewhat alarming planetary future jump to mind.

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What doesn’t kill me, makes me stronger…
That’s how I look at obstacles in life. If you have been through it and came out a winner, you know how to help your children, if they have the same problem.
But also technology develops every day and by the time you have children things may have moved on so much that you design their features before they are born.
You will make a wonderful parent, if you are concerned with your children’s well-being from now and are ready to deprive yourself from one of the best experiences in life (in my opinion) in order to save their suffering.

The thought of not having kids has never crossed my mind because of my body hair; my concern is another… because of my paranoia would I end up hurting my kids? That’s my issue. I have thought that if I was to have a baby girl and she was starting to hit puberty or growing slight body hair I would want to immediately take her to see an electrologist… What message would I be sending her? How would that affect her thought process? You see, that is my concern, I know women who would give anything to be able to be mothers, I know I want to be a mother so badly because the thought of having beautiful little kids in this world, laughing and loving me is irresistible. Not wanting them to suffer like we have is completely normal but they will be their own little selves and they will be a lot better at handling these things than we are because after all, our offspring HAVE to be better human beings than the parents, that’s the goal of it all.

Kids can get electrolysis done at an early age, as long as it’s with your permission, (at least that’s what I’ve read on some of these clinic’s websites) as to how the kid would react is an entirely different story. If it were me, I would let my baby girl know that I am doing this for her because that is what [color:#FF0000]I [/color]think is best for her, so she can concentrate on her school work instead of paying too much attention to her upper lip, whether it is the completely correct thing to do, I do not know. I would hate for her to be so worry about her appearance that she will never be happy with herself, that is my concern. I wouldn’t want to teach her that looks are everything, or even that important. Only YOU would know what to do when the time comes. THERE’S A SOLUTION TO EVERY PROBLEM, and no problem is that big to lose any sleep over it… but that’s another topic for another day. Good luck!

I don’t see why “unwanted hair” would hold you back on having kids. It’s perfectly possible that they don’t have this problem at all.

If I had a kid I wouldn’t treat them with anything. They might accept it, able to live with it.
In the worst case scenario if they’re getting depressed, embarrassed,… then you can help them.
You’ve been through all of this, so you would be the perfect person to comfort them.

I do agree with you. It’s perfect person to comfort them.

I actually thought about this for many years, but now I see that it is a blessing—I am fixing my hair problem and if my child has the same problem I can get her help vs living with years of self hate and embarrassment like I did.