About building your own machine (old post)

I found a very old post whose subject is “Thinking of building my own electrolysis system” which was posted in 2002.
As all the links in that thread are now dead, I wonder if any of you could advise on the diagram (even if it is reasonable easy, I wanted to be sure i have understood the circuit correctly) and where to purchase the few needed specialized items as the needles and needles holder considering I live in Europe (NL) or where I can get a reasonably buy cheap electrolysis machine which does not have the annoying beep of the old One-touch device.

First, I strongly advise that you don’t try to build your own. But if you must, I am assuming that you are trying to build only a DC (galvanic) device. For this you need only a voltage source (battery or DC supply) and resistor to limit the current. You’ll have to research your own current levels but they are typically less than 1mA. From Ohm’s law, I=V/R, so if you pick your voltage source you can figure out what resistor to use. You can buy probes, a probe holder, and a ground electrode from places like Texas Electrolysis Supply.

However, you will get much better results with a blend unit that combines DC with RF. They come up on Ebay pretty frequently for <$400. Other posts suggest which brands and model to look for. Search my handle for my other posts.

this is on ebay right now and is the sort of thing you want. I have the Clareblend miniblend and it works fine.

You want to build your own machine, are you mad.
I am a engineer for one of the main IPL companies.
Do you have a death wish, do you know the voltages that go through these machines.
Please i beg of you,do not try to do this.

Ian, are you talking about a light based system like IPL, or a simple electrolysis unit? You have posted in the electrolysis forum.