aaak! I've trimmed my facial hair.

Hey, i’m a female and have facial hair… I decided to trim it with nail clipper scissors tonight and i’m not sure if was a good idea. The only thing i’ve done with my facial hair is bleach it and occassionally pluck it - i was always reluctant to do anything else like shave/wax because of stubble and coarser hairs.

Now that i’ve trimmed it, what will happen? The hair won’t grow back more coarse will it? I’m scared… Will it grow faster now i’ve cut it too? It never used to grow much before… it was at quite a steady growth speed (lol).

Also, why do people say that hair growing back thicker after shaving is an olds wives tale? The hair on my legs is much thicker than it ever used to be and in my armpits. Hmm…


Hair grows at a steady rate and will not increase in growth because of shaving. A lot of people percieve an increase because they start shaving when hair starts growing because of puberty. I am not sure how old you are, but maybe leg hair seems more because of this reason.


hair seems thicker after you shave it because you are cutting it off at its thickest point and at an angle so it doesn’t have the natural tapered point that grows in when its new hair. Cutting your hair also doesn’t make it grow faster- it only appears that way because when your head hair grows out it doesn’t break off as much when it is trimmed and healthy. You probebly started shaving before your hair growth had evened out which is why it seems that there is a corrilation between shaving and increased hair.
Again the only things that cause a true increase in hair growth are internal and biological in nature

I’m so glad that I read this today - I’ve just trimmed my facial hair as it was so noticeable and was wondering the same thing. I guess that when you look around and see so few women seem to have facial hair - its only because they are like you and I and are just getting rid of it. I’m 36 years old - female obviously! I think its just something that we’re going to have to get used to. At least you can trim in between electrolyis treatments - the only permanent but very slow hair removal method. I wouldn’t recommend shaving or waxing the face cos it looks shiney and unnatural. I hope that you feel better knowing that you are not alone with this problem - I know that I do and I have two lovely children who deserve to have a full time non-hair-removal obsessed mum!