A UK Man’s Electrolysis Journey

Let me introduce myself, I’m a 27 year old male from the UK. Over the past 6 years I’ve started to develop back hair and this has had a huge effect on my confidence and general self-image, I would say it covers about 50% of my back. I currently shave just the top half of my back and shoulders so that it won’t show whilst wearing t-shirts etc but this leads to stubble the day after which just increases how noticeable it is to me.

This past year I’ve been trying to pluck up the courage to eliminate or at least reduce this, I’ve tried to do a lot of research into different treatments but it wasn’t until I started reading about electrolysis that I thought I’d found what I was looking for. I would definitely like to thank this site and its contributors, It’s been the most valuable source of information and opinions on the topic that I’ve found.

The next step is to find an electrologist to carry this out which I find quite daunting. From reading information and posts on this site I think I would like to try and find someone that could spend as long as possible in one session with me to remove as much as they could if not all hair during this time. I think this has multiple advantages and would allow me to travel wherever within the UK due to the lower frequency of visits.

Does anyone know of or have experience of an electrologist in the UK that would be happy to perform such long sessions? Do any UK based electrologists post on here? I do notice some professionals but I’m unsure if any are from the UK, I think someone participating in such a knowledgeable forum would be a huge plus point.

If anyone could help me on those points I would be extremely grateful or maybe inform me if my ideas aren’t the best. What I plan to do next is contact the professionals listed under the BIAE and hopefully find someone that can help me.

I apologise if this post is a bit too long or I’m asking too much without giving back but in myself I feel this is at least a first step in sorting my problems. Hopefully the next ones will be more concise and include real information.

I’ll keep this updated with progress I make and try and upload some pictures for reference this week so that it might help someone else and act as a diary and motivation for myself.


While I can’t help you on finding an electrologist, I can share your concern. I also am a 27 yr old male. I started treatment on the back of my neck a month ago. After two full clearings, i am seeing some improvement. While i figure I still have a long road ahead and it’s still early, there is hope. The hair grew almost as fast as my facial hair, having to shave daily. Now I shave it every 3-4 days and it’s not nearly as noticeable when i don’t.

I’ve sought out a new electrologist about 80 miles away because my current one i feel may cause skin damage and there are no requirements for electrologists in my state. Since I have to travel a longer distance, i am having her do my neck and shoulders, so as long as you can handle it i don’t know there would be any problem with whoever you find to work longer to make it worth your trip. Maybe an expert here can comment to that.

I just contribute my small success to fully clearing the back of my neck each session, and i can only see it getting better from here. Good luck to you, and this was my experience so far. Just know there are other guys your age in the same situation. I hope you can find a skilled electrologist in your area.