A sugaring practitioner explains her technique

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as a Sugaring practitioner in the uk I was appalled to see your comments on this method of hair removal they are completely wrong and misleading.
Sugaring as you rightly commented has been used for hundreds of years. In fact there has even been evidence found in pyramids that this method was used by the ancient egyptians, and even today this method of hair removal is used in the Northern Mediterranean countries as part of their culture.
When a woman gets married there it is considered unclean to have body hair, and so the night before the wedding a woman specially trained in sugaring called a “Hunna” sugars the bride to be from head to foot (eyebrows facial hair underarms bikini line legs etc.) and from then on as a married woman she has regular sugaring treatments to keep her hair free.
As a Sugaring Practitioner I have been trained in this ancient Arabian method of hair removal, it is a skill that takes many months to perfect. We do not use cloth strips to remove the paste. The paste is taken out of the pot by hand it is smoothed onto the skin with the fingers and because it is applied by hand it is gently pressed into the hair follicle, then with a quick flick it is removed, because the paste goes into the follicle there is no breakage as with waxing, therefore it is far less painful than waxing, it is beneficial to the skin as it takes off the top layers of dead skin leaving the skin feeling soft and silky and in far better condition. I have clients aged from 8 to 90 the ones who have tried waxing say this is a far superior and much gentler method of hair removal. I hope you will amend your comments on Sugaring and encourage your readers to find someone who is properly trained in this skill

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