A spot on my shoulder where hair does not grow...


There is this spot on my left shoulder about
1 square inch where no hair is growing and I’m talking about not even a baby hair grows.
This area I think is the spot where I got
flu(something like it) shot when I was a baby.
I think every one gets this shot, but want to know do any of you have the same thing like I have? It is amazing that no single hair grows that 1 inch spot. I just wonder, was the drug(shot) strong enough to kill the hair follicles permanently at that area? I just don’t know what it was exactly but I’m hoping someone can give me an answer. Thanks.

I have several small spots on my legs where absolutely no hair grows. I think maybe the lack of hair in a particular area is due to something more complicated than getting a flu shot. But it is an interesting theory.

My guess is that the area is actually covered by scar tissue. I’m not sure how old you are, but I don’t think that the flu vaccine has been around long enough to be what you received as a baby…anyone know?

I’m 24 right now and the spot on my shoulder
is like a little mark not a scar. Also it is
not a birth mark, I’m think
you folks should have it also, anyone with marks
on either left or right shoulder? Thanks.

I believe that spot is the result of a small-pox vaccination where they prick that area several times during the procedure. I’m 53 and still have a little white area about 3/8" in diameter, although I remember it being bigger as a child and more like a scar. There is no hair growing there either, but I have very little hair on my upper arms so it would not be very noticeable in any event.

But hey, maybe you’re on to something here…Is the vaccine responsible for the lack of follicles or the scarring? My bet is on the trama to the skin in the area and not on the vaccine. But dammit Jim, I’m an engineer, not a doctor! :wink:

Patrick it may be vaccination that was used.
I just want to know why it stops hair growth.

Is there a doctor in here that can give us
answer why hair does not grow when small-pox vaccination was used? If this drug has something
that the hair follicle can’t handle we should know about it. Who knows maybe someone can invent a true permanent hair removal product
using this idea:)

A vaccine mark is usually made of scar tissue, in some people, no hair will grow in this area, but this is not practical as a method of hair removal. Most of us would rather be covered in hair than scar tissue.