A SpaTouch home unit?

About five months or so ago (around Christmas time, I think) I saw a pseudo-advertisement during a local news program about a home “laser” unit to be developed by Radiancy called SpaTouch. Since then, I’ve only been able to find little bits of information on the unit (I’ve visited Radiancy’s site and found only one article referring to an FDA clearance of said unit) and it’s development progress.

I ask because I’m really interested in purchasing one. I’m so sick of depilatories, tweezing, and waxing, which haven’t worked for me at all. I came across some units with the SpaTouch name, but they’re priced in the thousands to ten-of-thousands of dollars. The report I saw made me think that the “home unit” in development would be more affordable than that! Are those units one in the same? Is the product I heard about even still in development? I’d greatly appreciate any information!

P.S. This should probably go in the “comments” area of your forum, but I find your site, Andrea, to be superb! Thanks for all your hard work!

The Spa Touch isn’t cleared by the FDA for long term hair reduction, however, it is cleared by the FDA for safe hair removal. Most people I’ve read about do not have long term results, but it gives them a temporary solution. Also, ten thousand dollars sounds too high, you should be able to buy a used one for around 5,000. I’m also looking into the Spa Touch, but until I know if it is powerful enough to cause a temporary hair free period, I am not going to buy it. Most lasers used and owned by doc’s and tech’s produce zaps of 20-50 Jules, while the Spa Touch is only around 6 Jules, this is why it is being allowed in common households.