a small success story

sorry kids, but it wasn’t with laser tech.
Hi. I recently posted this in the shaving category of the forum:

I’ve done plenty of research about upperlip hair removal to see what my options are. As a girl struggling to pay college tuition, I can’t really afford the lasers. I’m considering bleaching. Does anyone know much about this topic? I’m asian, dark haired and I’ll describe my skin tone as … “beige” or like a light brown. I have peach fuzz on my upperlip, the kind that’s not really noticeable until you look for it. It isn’t growing out of control or very very dark. Bleaching sounds good because its cheap and accessible (5 dollars at a drug store) but I hear horror stories about how it lightens your skin tone. In my case, since its just fuzz, i dont think I’ll have to use it too often… but how often is too often and your skin becomes bleached in the process?

There wasn’t any bleach forum, so I just stuck it there.
And despite not getting any responses, I went ahead and bought the sally hansen creme hair bleach for face, and it worked very very well. I was pretty worried about the fuzz before I bleached. I’d start feeling kinda uncomfortable if I felt someone was looking at me a bit too closely, and I always thought it was a big flaw. I’m not all out promoting bleaching though. It has made a difference, and it didn’t lighten my skin tone up (yet), and I’m happy with it… But I’m not saying it’s for everyone. I might still do the lasers when I’m older, and I can afford to be a bit materialistic. Just posting this for the people in my situation (light brown skin, and not too dark or too thick lip hair). I like reading about people who get success with their hair removal and along the way, raising their self-esteem. Just sharing a bit.

I understand where you’re coming from. I have done electrolysis on my upper lip which worked really well but takes a long time. I still have hair on my side burns etc. I bleach most of my face because I’m a very light beige skin tone but I have dark hair that is noticable. It works great for me too! I haven’t seen any change in my skin tone and I’ve been doing it for most of my life.

The laser hair removal I’m having done on my legs and arms. One day I hope to have the rest of my body lasered!