A slightly nervous first timer in need of help


Iv’e really come on here to ask for as much advice for hair removal as possible for a whole body.

Well heres some background information, I’m a part time street dancer from England and my dance school been hired out for a gig down a local gay club (This is nothing to do with stripping etc. just simple dancing). Now this poses quite a big problem for me seeing as I’d be considered a hairy guy if I was 25, when infact I’m only 16, making it even worse.

I need my chest, back, legs, buttocks (seeing as the dress code is just a pair of low 3 quarter lengths, J Swisses and no top), so basically everything on show has to be hairless.
I’m willing to consider waxing salons, epilating, shaving, anything. I have a reasonable pain thresh hold, although I would feel slightly embarissed about going into a waxing salon and asking for a full body wax.

So I guess my general question is, what would be the best treatment you know of for someone like me, from home to salon treatment and from your experience how you think a salon would react to someone my age going in there asking for something like this?

(I’d like to appologise if I have waffled etc.)

Any help with this is much appreciated, kind regards,

Benjay,don’t be nervous. Most salons will wax men that are not getting their genital area worked on. You will be so much happier with the smooth waxed look than with shaving, The problem is that you will become addicted to the feel; and may end up getting waxed every 6 weeks thereafter. I began waxing at age 17 and continued until I had money to have it done by electrolysis. I was nervous going to a salon the first time;but later learned that most salons are waiting for you.

Ive waxed many young men and I cant imagine that any waxer would think there is anything weird about it. Especially as a dancer a smooth apearence is a wonderful esthetic thing and most male preformers go in for some kind of removal. I dont know about the law were you are but where I am leagally you would need permission to get waxed at sixteen, though truthfully most places are unconcerned with such things but you might want to call ahead and ask if they have age restrictions.

Thanks for all the advice, it means a lot.

I’m more bothered about asking to have my buttocks etc. waxed rather than my back and my chest.
Apparently ‘No Scream Cream’ is meant to reduce the pain of waxing a lot, well so Iv’e been told heh.

Thanks again, kind regards,

if you are nervious about the waxing start online and then make some phone calls
frankly if you go to someone who does a lot of brazillians you are going to someone who spends a good part of their day looking at people’s butts beleave me yours would be nothing new
the cream is supposed to help but a good waxer should keep the pain to a minimum anyways
good luck
and congrats on your new job

Thanks, sorry for sounding like a moaner I’m just not the most confident guy in the world.
Anyways thanks for all the information, was a great help <img src="/ubbthreads/images/graemlins/smile.gif" alt="" />