A revolutionary idea (Joke)

My husband, it turns out, has been secretly applying hair-growth products to his scalp, fearing that he’s losing hair and not wanting me to know about it. So I thought it would be only fair to tell him the truth - that I struggle with hair REMOVAL.

He asked me how it’s going - I said it’s a total nightmare.

I asked him how the hair restorative lotions are going - he said they do nothing for him but give him a scalp rash.

So we had a great idea:

Maybe I’ll give him some of those “hair inhibiting” products I’ve wasted my money on and are now collecting dust in the cabinet, and see whether they cause rapid hair growth when applied to his scalp. (I swear to god - I wouldn’t be surprised. :smile: )

And he can give me some of that hair growth miracle stuff that’s not working for him, and we’ll see whether it turns out to be that elusive hair inhibitor we’ve all be searching for. :smile:

We’ll let you all know! :smile:

It’s too bad we can’t harness the chemical reaction that causes male pattern baldness and use it to remove excess body hair.

As it turns out the same hormones that help cause male pattern baldness also cause excess body hair. It just isn’t fair.


I feel for you both Anonymous! :wink:

The scary thing is that if you think hair REMOVAL has a lot of scams, you should see hair restoration! There are probably ten times thre number of crooks to deal with-- yikes! :fearful: