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“Existing remedies for controlling PFB include topical steroids, antibiotics, and exfoliating agents. Although these agents are sometimes helpful in the treatment and management of PFB, the positive effects are often short lived. Physical modalities such as electrolysis have also been used in the treatment, but this technique, in addition to being tedious, can cause pigmentation abnormalities, scarring, and residual keratin abscesses from fragmentary destruction of the hair follicle.”

What’s that?:o

Source: http://www.e-ijd.org/article.asp?issn=0019-5154;year=2009;volume=54;issue=4;spage=364;epage=368;aulast=Leheta

Are you surprised? frankly, I find it so familiar.
Most dermatologists offer laser or IPL. I doubt there are many electrologists in Cairo, so this doctor Leheta should not be afraid of competition.
Yes, he’s a very shrewd businessman. (sarcasm)