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hey i have a quesion for those who have had their abdomen area done. i was wondering if getting fine hairs or advanced vellus hairs done with laser is efficent. i know i’ve seen LA girl say she has had her abdomen area done, but i was wondering if those hairs were fine or not and what kind of results ur getting…i also am wondering if my face is naturally lighter than my body if it would be acceptable or wise to use the lightsheer for the chin area…course hairs…i was wondnering if anynone had fine hairs done on naturally darker skiin with great success? please let me know thanks i hope everyone is doing well and good luck to all of the nasty hair problems!!

I am a big fan of laser but I find from my experience that it does not work very well on fine terminal hair and not at all on vellus hair.

You can try a combination system like Aurora IPL/RF or Comet Diode Laser/RF and that will get some of the hairs but you will need to finish with electrolysis.


I’m still in the process of getting laser done on the abdomen area. The hair is dark, but fine, on very pale skin. I’ve had 3 treatments and have some reduction, but definitely nothing compared to the underarm and bikini results I had on that dark coarse hair. If you want to try it, it’s worth a try, but only at very high settings, so that would be on light skin only. You can try alexandrite or diode for that. I would stay away from fine hair on the face. Too many stories of it getting worse on the face when hair is fine to start with.

i would never ever try it on the face on fine hairs! i was just wondering if anyone had good experience with dark terminal hairs that are fine or dark vellus hairs when there’s like a patch of it on the lower back. so if so please let me know, thanks to who responded the last time…still wondering if anyone has had any good experience…want it gone by summmer…i dont have light skin though, on the face i do, on the body not at all, i have like a brownish color on the body year round, i dont even go tanning…thanks LA girl and RCJ2001 for ur advice but unfortunately i do have darkish skin color…hope everyone else is having better luck with their hair problems! <img src="/ubbthreads/images/graemlins/wink.gif" alt="" />

if the hair is coarse enough and pretty dark, it’s worth a try with a Yag laser.

If you really want to knock down fine-type ab hairs down to a level that electrolysis could complete, or further, stronger laser treatments, check with a Syneron Comet or Syneron Galaxy practitioner. Ab treatments run about $150 at decent places. Get two of those at the 30-35Joules Laser/ 50 Joules Radio Frequency level. This will significantly target hairs. I’m a pale type IV (no tan at all) with dark hair. I had extensive abdominal growth from all the epilating I had done in the area. That is, fine hairs came back stronger (?) after plucking. The abdominal area didn’t react well below the 20J laser/ 45J RF range, but once above that, I have seen a significant drop off in growth. I probably could go with Electrolysis at this point but will continue to have it lasered twice more at 35J-Laser/50J-RF & again at 40J-Laser/50JRF. Only then will I consider any electrolysis, that is, if I wish to go that route. If you’re lucky enough to find a Syneron Galaxy clinic, talk to them about a 35J-Laser/60J-RF test spot. This is supposedly the Holy Grail of Hair Removal. But if you do go with either of the Synerons, be patient in the shedding, They take up to four weeks to trigger shedding. But, you will get some beforehand (ie weaker hairs, laser fractures.

Abs are a funny thing. They lag behind the rest of the body in terms of shedding calender time. Abs are one of the least predictable areas it seems to me. If you can’t find a Syneron Comet or Syneron Galaxy clinic, then try going with a GentleYag, or is that what type you went with? Anyway, for a non-RF laser, the GentleYag can hit some high power fluences. It can be cranked up so watch out for what you ask for. It has a good wavelength for hitting tan/darker skin with a pretty good long pulse wallop. Being a YAG, it also has a much quicker cycletime than the older Alexandrites like the GentleLAse series.

Good Luck, ask questions.


thanks mantaray and la girl…i will try to look around for syneron and see what happens…i wonder if they’re in michigan? so then mantaray you had good experience with fine hair but your abdominal area wasn’t tan by any means? see im tan naturally on my ab area year round and i dont knkow if it would burn me…? they’re fine black hairs but then course by the belly button and under it? i hope it would work for this…