A question fot the ladies

What do you think of hairy guys; hair on the arms, legs, chest, ect. I am very hairy and want to know if I should remove my hair to feel better about myself. I’m soooo depressed over this and afraid to date womwen. Do women prefer smooth over hairy?

Thanks in advance!


Welcome to HairTell…

I read your post and I feel that you may be so concerned about your hair that you have lost sight of who you want to make happy…

You should remove any or all hair if YOU want to… Do not be concerned about what women may think… two standing side by side could hold opinions from both ends of the spectrum… What if you meet a girl, get a tattoo with her name, and it doesn’t work out, you either have to find another girlfriend by the same name, or change the tattoo…

The most attractive thing to girls is self confidence… personality… If you are happy with yourself, then hair or no hair won’t matter to girls…

If you have an issue with your own self worth caused by the hairiness you mention, then look into having it treated, even temporally, to see how you feel as a smoothie…

I know some women prefer hairy men, some prefer smooth… other have no preference… Some don’t mind arm, leg and chest hair, but are revolted by back hair… Everyone is different, but the thing is, make sure you do it for you… the rest will follow in time…

Good luck,


Thanks David! I hear a lot of people tell me that self confidence and personality counts the most, and I agree with you and them. It seems that in todays world, smoothness is in. Think I’ll turn of my TV>>>LOL!


Thanks David! I hear a lot of people tell me that self confidence and personality counts the most, and I agree with you and them. It seems that in todays world, smoothness is in. Think I’ll turn of my TV>>>LOL!


Yes,smooth and neatly trimed is surely desireable now days.

Maybe start out by just trimming your pubes short and see if you like the look.

Hi Benny1,

I, for one, prefer a man with hair. It’s what classically distinguishes a man from a woman. We allow TV to become our reality, when the truth is that the stars we see are not all as glamorous as they appear on the box. They also tend to have LOTS more money to spend on personal care, get comps, and have likely altered their appearances in ways that the general population can’t afford to.

What happens to those of you who are influenced by the “trend” towards hairless-ness and permanently remove your hair, when the next “trend” is a nice fuzzy chest, etc.?? Ooooops, there’s no going back. I hate to see anyone influenced by what they see on the boob tube! Designers are having the last laugh as people rush to buy whatever is shown as the latest clothing or makeup fashion. They prey on people’s insecurities and take it all to the bank. Be yourself and you’ll attract a woman who is also herself, and not someone with low esteem who has to mimic the masses to feel good. How dare anyone dictate what we should wear or how we should look?! But we allow them to do this to us!!

If you feel you have to remove some hair, maybe try your back first. My guess is that if there was one common area that women might prefer hairless, it would be a man’s back. But chest, arm, leg, and other body hair??? That’s what separates you from me as a woman!! [color:“blue”] [/color]


[color:“blue”] I can see why this is making u feel uncomfortable…like the whole thing was to atteact the oppisite gender. but seriously, atrracting makes no difference…personality counts! <img src="/ubbthreads/images/graemlins/grin.gif" alt="" /> you could try removing some hair and see if its comfortable and stuff…but in the end god made u wot u are…( even though i don’t believe in god [image]http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v32/LoonyLuong/SweatDrop.gif[/image]) [/color]

i wasn’t attracted to very hairy men until i fell in love with one.

it was about by then that i gave up on any silly “grocery list” of what a man “should” look like – because it’s all about soul, and loving and treating each other well. i’m sure you have nothing to worry about, because you sound like a very sweet and caring young man. focus on loving yourself and being comfortable in your own skin – make changes if that makes you feel like you’re at your best, you have the power to choose – and know that any worthwhile person is not going to be saying “eww” over appearance or body parts, but gazing into your eyes and enjoying you for who you are.

good luck.

ps i have found lots of chest hair and over-the-shoulder back hair kinda cuddly, with the right person. it can also be very sexy. <img src="/ubbthreads/images/graemlins/wink.gif" alt="" />

People who love you celebrate you for what you are, whatever that is.