a question for james

hallo james, i have a question for you. Does professional electrolysis promise his effectiveness also for males, because i red that can be some difficulties for males (and not for women) because of the testosterone. Can a male, if he spend more hours for electrolysis than a woman, obtain the identical result? For example I’m a male and I have to do the shoulders and at the end of all the treatments I would like to have my shoulders perfectly smooth. Is that possible with a good practitione?Thank you James.

Sorry that it took so long to notice your posted question.

I thought I have made this clear. My average client IS someone who was born male, and I find work on women to be a paid vacation in comparission. Yes, men do get electrolysis, and when working with a good practitioner, and putting in the needed time, they get clear, smooth skin just like the ladies. Regardless of your situation, there does come a time when your body doesn’t have any more active follicles, and doesn’t see the need, or ability to make more.

Just make sure you are getting to first clearance as quickly as possible, and that you then work to get full clearance each and every time you have treatment once you get first clearance.

I have cleared backs, chests, faces, and more on men, and they all get bare if they stick with it long enough. It usually takes between 18 months and 5 years to get everything finished (where 5 years is for a guy looking to clear out the majority of the body) One doesn’t go every week during that time, just in the beginning.