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hi pplz
what i want to know is that out of all the people who have had electrolysis done, how many of u were sucessful/unsucessful? how many of u had or didn’t have any scars? are those scars like very noticable/life long? any long time problems or anything? did u end up havin ur face look worst then b4? or any other experience that u had?

i’m thinkin about electrolysis but i’m so afraid of all the risks involved. i hate myself like this and if something goes wrong i won’t be able to bear it.


Personally, my face even healed up from the bad electrolysis that I have had in my life. Of course, I never had more than one appointment with anyone who was bad :stuck_out_tongue: I have of course seen others who have had enough poor treatment to have lifelong pitting and scarring as well.

Since I am an electrologist, I will not talk about my experience, but I will give you a link to a site maintained by one of my clients who has given me permission to post this link, because after all, it is there for all who stumble upon it by way of Google.com anyway. If nothing else, you will see one person’s journey in words and pictures. Maybe there will even be a pic of the final result some day. Now that it is just a fact of life that we are there, the frequency of updates has predictably fallen off. You may find that there are not many (any?) people here to answer your question because most come here looking for answers, and when they find them, they stop coming here, stop reading posts, and more importantly, stop replying to posts. Good Luck!

Pics and commentary
More pics and commentary

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Clueless: I have had all my chest,underarm and pubic hair removed by electrolysis and by numerous operators.At no time did I experience any scarring.Sometimes I would subject myself to a four hour treatment in a single area .


James, I am wondering are there any sites to see what pitting looks like. I am very worried that my consult may have caused this. I cannot tell if the pore looks bigger or if it is a pit, are pits the size of a pore or bigger? I do not want to ruin my skin, as I fear I have and I feel great depression and it is interfering with my life. HOw long does it take for the skin to return to normal? Is there anything one can do to minimize damage?? Oh, and I am so grateful you are back!!!


Thank you for your appreciation.

I don’t know of any sites at the moment that show pics of what electrolysis scarring would look like. I will tell you that if you remember the sight of cystic acne scars, or the pitting that some men (frequently african, italian or latin men) get from shaving over their curly ingrown hairs on a daily basis, then you know what this would look like already. The other side effect of poor treatment, or overtreatment is wrinkling of the skin in the treated area from too much surrounding skin being removed along with the germative hair growth tissue that we mean to remove.

Sorry for the short answers and infrequent visits, but I don’t have much time at all these days.


James, you wrote that your face even healed up from the bad electrolysis… does it include any improvements pits/scars or wrinkling (if any)?

i think i got wrinkling after electrolysis on my face… :frowning: do you think i have any chance to heal my wrinkling?


Actually, I have seen some of my clients who had wrinkling from treatments at the hands of other electrologists heal up in those areas even as we continued the work in the months that followed.

If you eat healthy, get good rest at night and drink plenty of actual WATER, you will be just fine.


thanx for all this info guyz. itz really helpful. and after reading all this and doing some other research i don’t think i’ll be going thru electrolysis any time soon. i hate the facial hair i have more than anything but i don’t know how i’d be able to handle it if something worst happened during my treatment. :frowning:


Damage to the skin is usually a result of prolonged brutal overtreatment (over a number of months) of a certain area. If you watch your skin’s reaction, you will know if you’re getting overtreated. I am trying to say that the chances of something going wrong are very low, and if you keep your eyes open they practically approach null. On the other hand, your unwanted hair is guaranteed to haunt you unless you do something about it.