A powerful mirror?

Hi all-

I’m new here…A little history? I have had laser and photothermal hair removal procedures done aprox 22 times…It still comes back just as strong as ever…I am now going to try electrolysis…Does someone out there know of a powerful mirror that is big enough to use at home? I have seen only 1 semi-large 12X mirror. Are there any others you might recommend, or maybe some tricks I haven’t thought of yet?


What part of your body are you going to work on? Have you ever performed electrolysis (on yourself or others) before?

You may also want to check out the Do-It-Yourself Electrolysis forum for better tips than most of us here can offer. (most people on this board are having elelctrolysis done by a pro.)

Parts are chin, and under the chin…I would pay a pro to do it, but we just recently moved out in the middle of nowhere…The closest place would be aprox 4 hrs away…I used the one touch pen a long time ago…Well, I attempted to use it, but gave up…It wasn’t as important back then!! OK- I’ll see if I can find this board you’re talking about…Thx

Click on “Main Index” up at the top of this page. The DIY Electrolysis forum is listed directly below this one.