A possible solution...please tell me what yout think!

Hi everyone,

Just a bit of background about myself, I am a 20 something Indian girl and I have a background in health sciences as well as molecular biology. I have been treated with Gentlelase, both Alexandrite and YAG versions, for two years each about 10 treatments on each on my face. I have also had gentlase on my armpits and bikini, a botched trial on my abdomen, and then Intense Pulsed Light (I think Quantum) on my entire abdomen. The result was that everything got rid of my hair completely and safely but TEMPORARILY*!!! So that means for about four weeks there was nothing…and then everything comes back.

I will explain my idea but first let me say we are all in the same boat and we are all trying to find solutions…so before you jump all over me and criticise me let me explain that my goal isn’t for everyone, we all don’t want the same things or agree on the best way to achieve it, but I think this would make millions of people happy. I would love to have no hair forrever but due to dark skin, electrolysis is the only way to get enough power for permanent damage. Doing electrolysis on my entire body is not in my realm of possibility (if it is for you than you may not like my idea.)
But for some of us, the prospect of being completely smooth and hair free (no stuble, no ingrowns) for four weeks at a time is too good to be true. I suggest that we as consumers use our powers of dictating the market and DEMAND that the laser manufacturers design an afordable and safe home unit that removes hair temporarily. …Ok here is where I feel the fire down my back…everyone relax for just a minute…count to ten. First of all, Laser does not even remove hair temporarily for everyone and it can cause scarring and you have to be very skilled…yes I understand. I am not saying that there is a product like what I want out there right now…I am just saying that I think it could be out there but we are not puting enough pressure on the companies to make it available.

I have talked to a few cosmetic MD’s about this (the kind one who performed IPL on me and told me it was only temporary) and they seem to think that at low power levels, hair is easily temporarily removed but it will grow back (like laser waxing). They ALSO say that at lower energy levels, there is AN INCREDILBY LOW risk of skin damage.

This is my suggestion, that we demand an at home laser that is safe and temporarily removes hair. I have seen my tech working and it looks much easier and less cumbersome than waxing (which, if you think about it, can cause permanent hair and skin damage but there are no restrictions against at home waxing.) I know people are afraid of the lawsuits and eye protection…but there are a lot of risky and dangerous cosmetic and non-cosmetic products out there…I feel like we should be able to get around that. I think the technology is out there, the need is out there, i’m not sure how expensive it would be but I feel that it could be made cheaper if it only operates on low energy levels. I have heard about Gillette and Palomar and Radiancy’s no-no. (see http://www.finwin.com/finwin/home/headlinesdisplay.cfm?story=7947276&nojs=false and http://www.my-no-no.com/ for more information) I think those are in response to some demand…we need to push it. I say we send e-mails to every laser company and cosmetic based corporation and tell them what we want. Imagine if they receive letters from all of us…and our friends and their friends. I think this “magical” product could have been out years ago.

Like I said, I have a science background, not a business one, so if I am naive…tell me, but gently, I do have some hope in this idea. I for one think the technology is certainly available, but some sort of stigma against lasers or even large companies that don’t have a vested interest in this, are preventing it from sprouting. I am not suggesting that laser techs are not skilled or don’t need training…I am saying that they could make a product that is safe enough for the average joe to use with more than satisfactory results of no stuble, no having to grow hair to wax it, no ingrowns (for some of us at least.) and a lot more peace of mind!!!

What do you think…who wants to join my cause!!!

And sorry this was so long, I appreciate you taking the time to read it.

Hi indian girl. I am a iranian boy and I am currently studying medicine and I think that you are right about some things. I do believe that it is possible to produce a machine that can be used at home in the future, a machine that can’t alter high enough energy to damage you badly and this would be very good for many people suffering from extensive hair growth.
But you say that all you hair grew back, did you have thick hair? Hasn’t the hairs beocme thinner than before? I guess that as a woman one wishes to totaly get rid of the hair and not just make them thinn. But still, I personaly know of people (women) who have had laser/IPL and that have had good long lasting results, although not total removal. And one of theese I think has skin type IV. I myself have skin type V and it is true that hair doesn’t seem to disapear, instead mine are becoming very much thinner than before.

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federal regulations prevent home machines from having a lot of power – i.e. enough power to actually kill the hair. if they did, that would be a great idea.

With your skin type, any alexandrite treatments didn’t work because the settings were probably way too low to prevent your skin from burning. In addition, noone has really posted great experiences and lasting results from an IPL. With a Yag laser and consistent 6-8 treatments at high settings with experienced technician, you can most likely achieve at least 80% permanent removal. It sounds like you’ve done treatments sporadically with various machines without enough consistency to actually kill hairs in active growth phases. But just my opinion. I’m getting very good results and no regrowth for at least 8 weeks. I’m on week 10 now after my last treatment, and still barely have any regrowth (bikini and underarms, light skin, dark coarse hair) and the settings were not even high.

Hey there,
Thanks to both of you for your input…though I wasn’t really looking for input on my personal situation, but more on my idea, I sincerely do appreciate your concern. To answer both your questions, most of my treatments were using the GentleYAG by Candella…the fact of the matter is that YAG does not have a great success rate for permanent removal. (there are a lot of recent articles on this but I’m a bit tired to look for them now…I’ll try to post them soon) and I have talked to doctors who have been doing laser and many practitioners…they just can’t get the energy up high enough on dark skin to kill the follicles of my fine black hair. I don’t know where you got the statistic for a minimum of 80% removal after seven or eight treatments with YAG, but I have had 10 YAG treatments and 0% reduction except on my upper lip for some reason, which I think is just growing back slower and lighter, but not less.
I have to say, I’m really happy that laser has worked for the both of you! And that is what I want to reiterate…it worked temporarily for me too!..so we need an at home version, that works temporarily and you can use it whenever you want it. Can you imagine never having to pay hundreds for each treatment, zapping a hair whenever you see one, no pain (at low energy there is hardly any pain) and yes…the hair is gone for weeks to months! I think its a great idea. I want to know how you both feel. I’m gonna provide a form letter and addresses for laser companies when I get the chance…I think if we let them know that there is a desire for a such a thing…the ball will start rolling…Gillete and Palomar are already working on one…lets get some competition in there and make it work for us!..what do you think!!!
And really…thank you both for your help…this is a great forum thanks to people like you who try to help and spread ideas…I’m hoping to do the same.

Hello indian girl. I wonder, you say that doctors and practitioners say that it isn’t possible to get the energy up high enough for it to kill your fine black hair because of your skin colour. But did you have fine hair to begin with or was it thick and has become fine becuase of laser? I too think that with skin colours like ours it is not possible to realy eliminate the hair, only damage the follicles and thereby converting thick coarse hair into fine thinn hair. At least this is what I am seeing.
However, I would very much like to see a home machine beeing produced. Then my hairy relatives would come to me and use it all the time! <img src="/ubbthreads/images/graemlins/grin.gif" alt="" />