a point where laser will not remove more hair? ( 14+ ) treatments

Just curious, I have had

face 14 x

full bikini 14 X

legs 5 X

underarms 1 X

I have had wonderful results on the full bikini hair removal, but there are still a few hairs left. My face on one side seems to have some dark hair still coming up. Is there a point where one can figure that laser is no longer working, or has done everything possible for the hair to be removed?

I go to American Laser Centers, and have mostly had good experiences and results, but do wonder how many treatments is too much? or is there such a thing?

How long should one wait before trying electrolysis for the rest of the stubborn hairs?


Laser works best on lower legs, bikini and underarms but toughest on the face, is it is a hormonal area. Knowing which laser is used on your face is important in determining what else can be done.

once you have some scattered hairs left, especially after 14 treatments, it’s time for electrolysis. laser can’t target very fine hairs. they don’t have enough pigment. if you want that area 100% hairfree, then finish thos few hairs with electrolysis.

what laser/IPL did they use on you btw? what settings? it would be helpful to others here. what % reduction did you get?

Okay well, the bikini and face still have very dark hair, but a lot less growing. They are small ones on my face that seem to come back now on the one side a lot. I do not know the exact joules used but here are the lasers I have had…

face 14 x ( 12X with Lightsheer, 1x with Aurora,1X Suprano )

full bikini 14 X( 12 X Lightsheer, 1x with Aurora, 1x suprano)

legs 5 X ( 3X Lightsheer, 2X Suprano)

underarms 1 X ( Suprano )

The Aurora laser got rid of a white hair I had growing on my chin.

REDUCTION: (so far the percentage)

face,chin,and neck = 85% (still have black hairs on one side of face on cheeks, and like two or three that spring up on the sides of the mouth) My neck has been marvelous and taken well to hair removal.

bikini (full brazillian) 90% BEAUTIFUL…get a few hairs nears the belly line area. Never was able to wear thongs bathing suites ever before!!!

legs 10-15% but I have not had 6 treatments, so far just still thick but patchy growth,and feels smoothe when I shave.

underarms =0% just had first treatment…EAGERLY waiting for more treatments…I have suck thick dark hair.

I hope this helps. Also that new Suprano laser is just amazing. I almost feel slighted, because I had to go through the lightsheer pain on the legs and bikini, and now that new laser does not hurt at all , maybe a deep heat in areas…

I am going to try a electrolosys next for sure, I just want to be hair free one of these days! <img src="/ubbthreads/images/graemlins/smile.gif" alt="" />

QUESTION: If I get electrolysis,do I need to stop laser while I do that ?

if you’re looking to remove that 5-15 % of hair left on face and bikini, you need to switch to electrolysis. Yes, only do electrolysis, not laser while doing that. There is no point on having more treatments with laser on those areas.

Please let us know how Soprano works out for you. It’s hard to tell at this point if it’s working. The fact that you don’t feel much might be the result of settings not being high enough, meaning you’re not getting the results without the pain either.