A piece of vintage electrolysis scammery

who can tell me whats wrong with this “electrolysis” machine found on ebay, I almost gasped when I saw someone had used this thing for over 4000 hours! I take issue with their claim it is “working” . This thing never worked!

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That’s the most complicated pair of tweezers I’ve ever seen. So much unnecessary metal and cords.

what you want to bet that wire isnt even attached to anything? I half played with the idea of buying just so I could disect it and prove it could never work…or yanno…as wall art.

It might power-up, but the machine and the idea behind it is a complete fraud. These machines produce a large, powerful RF field surrounding the tweezers. Energize the tweezer and wave it in front of a fluorescent light tube and it will glow.

so we mod it with a probeholder and do thermolysis with it? Fun!

Yes, it would probably would work, however there is no timing circuit.

Best Emmet Brown voice:
Where we’re going we dont need timers.

The worst part is that people usually buy these as a home business and “treat” friends, wasting everyone’s time and money. That’s why these scams are so aggravating to me.

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These machines do not do electrolysis, it’s tweezers. To actually kill the hair you need the machine that has probe which you will insert in follicle, apply the hit and zap the hair. By all means, tweezers cannot do the job. I remember these machines were big hoax because they were claiming permanent hair removal.
I hope this helps.
Paula James
Hair Busted

ok bonus round
This is the first result when i search ebay.ca for electrolysis !

Discuss! Is this a legitimate electrolysis machine? Look its in a manila metal box and has a meter it must be what a consumer needs right?

I wonder how much it costs to manufacture these machines and whether it would be that much more expensive to make even a basic machine that actually does electrolysis. At least then these would be legitimate companies selling a legitimate product.

As is, I hope people would do just a bit more research to find out the difference between these “transdermal electrolysis” machines and actual electrolysis machines that actually work.

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Many do not do the necessary research to know the difference. If they did, a market for these fraudulent machines would not exist.