A New Transgender Beard Removal Client

So some weeks ago I started a new case. I’m beginning to see the progress and so is the client. Unusually fast progress. I almost dont know what to make of it. It appears that first complete clearance will be under 5 hours. Total clearance, not even fine stuff remaining.

This person is not on hormone therapy, and is in their early 20’s / To date since oct 5 we have done 3 1/2 hours treatment. When finished today I could have completed the clearance with an additional 20 minutes on upper lip, but the clients tolerance was done. They’ve been instructed to return in a weeks time for a 45 minute appointment. It may not take that long if some hair didnt grow in.

From the outset I said this client didnt have as much hair as most of my beard removals, but the hairs have been just as course. Just not as many of them. Despite her age bracket though, I have never seen a transwoman where it would have been anywhere near possible to clear in less than 5 hours. While I am fast, I dont believe I have seen this most especially on a client that has done nothing to their face, no laser, no plucking.

If this keeps up, for the next year, I could be looking at my first sub-30 hour beard removal. It just doesnt seem right.


When trans women go on hormones does it play any role in body hair and beards to start shedding? If this client started hormones do you think the clearance would take even less time than what you achieved?

not so much.