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Hello fellow forum members,

I am the inventor of a new revolutionary way of shaving. US Pat # 5638601 (go check it out)
I am waiting for any input on your behalf, on what you think about the idea, and if you thin kthis would benefit, the shaving community.
The idea is simple, and can service numerous circles of people: bussinesmen, travelers, marketing companies for advertising, and people at home. The idea is as follows, and there several variations of the one I’m about to describe:
Imagine a shaver with a completely automated shaving cream dispensing system, along with a simple and efficient way to dispense the shaving cream WITHOUT using your hands (Yuck ! ! that shaving cream just sticks to everything).
The second verision is a simple one, (probably for men to use at home) where a simple and at the same time (why didn’t I think of that) kind of a way to dispense shaving cream once you have placed it on the spreading apparatus.
I hope you all like the idea, and I’m anticpating some feedback, so c’mon fellas what do you think ?

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Michael M. Mol

Hi Michael–

Thanks for letting us know. I guess the questions I have are about how it works. An applicator sounds complicated, and I’m not sure if most people really care about getting shaving cream on their hands.

Please let us know whatever details you can share.

The idea is pretty simple. Enclosed in the shaver’s handle is a pressurized chamber with shaving cream in it. A simple valve mechanism releases the shaving cream upon users request in a slow flowing fashion (not comming out all at once), so that while the shaving cream is comming out onto a spreading surface it is comming out at about the same rate as it takes the user to pull the shavers spreading surface over the area to be shaved. I think its a great idea for people constantly on the move (bussinessmen etc …). On the spreading surface it self there is more then enough room for sponsors to put their logo, and or advertisement of their product, line, or an event (cassinos, airlines, softdrinks etc…). A simpler version without the pressurised chamber, and just the spreading surface is available for home use.

For more info or the technicalities copy and past the following into your browser for a direct link to see the patent on the US patent office website.


Hope you all like the idea,

Let me know what you think.

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Thanks for the link.

The reason for using shaving cream is to massage it on and lift the hairs away from the skin. You also want to leave it on for a while to soften that hairs for easier cutting. Your device looks like it applies the shaving cream immediately before the razor cuts it, which may keep it from lifting and softening hairs. This could lead to more irritation and a shave that’s not as close.

If I’m wrong about how the mechanism works, please let me know.