A Little Help


I am a 22 year old male. I have dark hair with medium brown skin. I have excessive hair on my legs and thighs. I have no hair on my back and am comfortable with the hair on my chest and abdomen. I read about the various side effects of the oral medications, and I’m not sure if the risk is worth it.

I have read many of the posts, and my question is, what would be the best way for me to remove hair temporarily. I have tried shaving, but the shadow remains, and I’m not too fond of waxing. I have read about Tend Hair, I believe, that helps with the redness and soreness? are there any other products that would help the discoloring of the skin. I would like your advice on pre and post shave specific products, although I do realize that you’re not endorsing any of them. I have noticed and read about way too many, and I’m lost.

Another question is whether using a wet/dry electric razor for legs is a good idea, as I notice that it helps with less irritation, and faster healing of the skin. Sorry about the long post, but this hair problem has always been my downfall. Thankyou.

You don’t say why you’re not too find of waxing, but epilation it the best way to reduce the shadow you see under the skin.

Rotary epilators are good for some areas.

Tend Skin is a good product for dealing with irritation and ingrowns.

Most of your shaving questions are discussed at length in the shaving section. If you have pther comments after looking through there, you’re welcome to ask a quesrtion there.