a little confused


thanks for the hadvise however i still am unsure of what to do. See the thing is that i am not sure where to start. Can u help? i have thick dark(black) hairs on my body in unwanted areas its very uncomfortable and ugly but which method or person do i look for? is there somehow i could remove it permenantly its very fustrating! it looks medically wrong! no joke :confused:


Hi me-

Check out the pages below for a primer, and then if you have questions after that about a specific method, let me know! :smile:

Hairfacts: hair removal methods

Hairfacts: choosing a method

Hairfacts: hair removal comparison charts


If you want permanent results, it will be expensive. Your options are laser or electrolysis to reduce or eliminate dark hairs.

If you can’t afford that, I recommend epilation with a rotary epilator or waxing.


hey, i was just wandering could the expensive stuff be done without chatrge because i am still under the age where i dont have t pay for medicine etc… ???


Hi me,

Hair removal is rarely covered by insurance, regardless of age.