a learning experience

I am truely excited about electrolysis.I dont even care if I have to shave the sides of my face before this…I dont think anyone else cares either, and if they do…big deal.I am just so glad to be able to do this…everyday I just regret ever using harsh chemicals on my face and I would run over an animal(well i dunno maybe depends on what kind…)to have my cute fuzzy white hair back!I always hated it now I would do anything just to get it back.Thank you so much James for your advice…where are your office/s located anyway?
One question before I end this, does everyone think I should try to go ahead and shoot for getting every area done…(sides of face small area on chin)or should I try this lady out first and just get my chin or something done and see if I like the results?I really made this app too early and I really wont be able to afford it until December 4…but I can afford a small treatment.Thanks for all the help!!

You are welcome.

Even a small treatment will give you results that will last for at least 3 weeks if you can get a full clearance in that time.

As for my practice, as my profile info on the bottom of this page says, I am in Buffalo, New York not too far from Niagara Falls.

I don’t know what kind of results are available to you where you are, but I get most of my female clients fully bare faced and in maintenance in the first few appointments.

Hi James exactly how far are you from niagra falls. Is it easy to get to your office from there???

You will be happy to know that my office is very easy to get to from Niagara Falls. Even tourists can find it.

The place is just 30 minutes away from the waterfall, off the main highway, on one of the main streets in the area.

Let me know if you are going to be in the US, and I am sure we can work out making sure that you find the fun stuff only locals can direct you to, and get some of your hair removed as well.