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hi im only 13 and so um is there any electrolysis out there that is cheap and worth it? dont worry, my parents will help me lol. anyways, i only have $50. thank you. oh and please tell me your experience with it. thankyou for caring and telling me what electrolysis u recommend. <img src="/ubbthreads/images/graemlins/crazy.gif" alt="" /> [color:“purple”] [/color]


Don’t know where you are from??? Give us a general idea and maybe a good recommendation for an electrologist will come your way.

Don’t know what area(s) are bothering you??? Upper lip? Stomach area? What kind of help do yo need?

The more hair you have, the more treatments you will need. The more treatments you need, the more it will cost.

I’m glad to hear your parents are supportive or were you just kidding with the “lol”? It will take more than $50 unfortunately.

Sometimes when young females periods become more regular, the hair problem they thought they had may not be too bad later on if their hormonal picture stabilizes.

You definetly need your parents as partners to help and support you. The best place to start is here on hairtell. Read this hair site to understand what electrolysis is all about. I can’t repeat all the information about good electrolysis in this post because there is too much to know.

Do not read advertisments in teen magazines and other such media, if there is an article about about electrolysis. These sources are not always honest and what you’ll most likely get is misinformation about electrolysis. Stay right here and you will learn USEFUL information. You can also go to www.electrology.com click on the consumer section and read the FAQ’s page.

Now do your homework, with your parents, of course. Okay?


i know of some very good ones in the UK - and if you happen to be asian - as many suffer from dark moustache then a laser maybe a better bet again i know of very well established firms that have a many outlets in the UK and they are authorised to train other operators in the UK so these are definately a safe bet.

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