A few simple questions from a new comer...


I just found this site today and have been reading all the posts like crazy. I have wanted permanent hair removal for a long time. I knew zilch about electrolosis before I came to this site (although I had heard about it a little).

I noticed several people said that it IS permanent. That was one of my questions. I was wondering if anyone who had electrolosis done many many years ago would say that they still have no hair. I am thinking that it would be expensive and wouldn’t want to have to do it again in the future.

I am also female, and have light olive to fair skin with DARK brunette to jet black hair. It looks VERY odd. I was considering electrolosis and thinking that I would have hair removed in the following areas…Toes (on the tops of my toes I get inch long hairs if I don’t shave it off blush) legs, bikini area, underarms, and a little around my brows. I don’t mind the rest of my hair, my arms are fine.

I have read and I see most people are doing small areas so I am wondering if it is feasable to want all these areas done. Is this normal?
Also, about what will the cost be? I know it is different for different people and different electrologists, but can anyone give me a ROUGH estimat