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Hey everyone… im an 18 year old male and the past few years i started to develop this stupid habit of pulling out any hair on my shoulders/upper back that were longer than normal… they werent very dark and were hardly visible so i thought nothing of it. Now after a while of doing that ive got course dark hair scattered all over my shoulders, my upper back and a little bit on my arms. I do not like plucking these out anymore because i get ingrown hairs like 95 percent of the time that leave dark scars all over. I just recently found out about electrolysis and im considering getting treated to get rid of these anoyying, ugly and itchy hairs that dont stop growing.

Now i wouldnt want to get every single hair in those areas removed (im a poor student and couldnt afford it right now),id only want to get rid of the dark and really obvious ones. If i had to estimate the amount id say there were about 200-300 of them. Now my problem is ive read that only hairs that have roots growing on them can be treated effectively, and sometimes when i pluck hairs on my own i dont see any roots at all, does this mean that the electrolysis treatment will be totally uneffective? i really dont want to waste my time and money on something that will just give me more ingrown hairs and scars…

Also, is there anyway i can “push” the hairs to get into the growth stage before i go into treatment? and if not, what methods can i use to prevent ingrown hairs? are there certain creams… anything that will guarantee not getting them…?

sorry for the long post guys, thanks a lot in advance


You are causing the ingrown hairs and do not see roots for the same reason. You are breaking the hair below the surface. You are an 18 year old male with 300 or so hairs. It is called testosterone and you have only yet begun to get your male hair.

For these reasons I would hesitate to accept you as a client. You are still maturing and will not recognize the progress being made as your normal male hormones continue to stimulate new hair.

Yes there is a way to treat all hair in the growing stages. Wax first-- Once and only once and then stay on top of the treatments. Start electrolysis as soon as hair appears. Hair development and hair removal do not happen over night.

I would take you as a client without pause. I would just try to make you understand that if you never saw me again, you would not be able to judge the efficacy of my treatments until the next year at the same time, and you would then see that once a year at its peak time.

You will see progress soon. You will be finished later.
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Hi James:

This is kind of a related question.

When is the peak period, agewise in facial hair developement for the average male?

Thanks, Alicia

If you are prone to ingrowns, then the waxing strategy to assure that hairs are in the growing phase may cause just more ingrowns.

You could just shave or have someone clip the hair three days prior to an electrolysis treatment, so the electrologist could identify the rapidly growing hairs more easily. Waxing, to clear the area would let us start at ground zero so we know that any hair that pops forth will be a growing hair, but you need to balance that good consequence with the not so good consequence of perhaps creating and ingrown hair garden. You could try a waxing test spot of 4"X4" and see how your skin reacts???

Electrolysis is great for the selective ability of choosing the most obnoxious hairs first- permanently. Even though you have only just begun developing your hair pattern as an 18 year old male, at least if you get started with what bothers you now, that’s 200-300 hairs you won’t have to deal with later.

TendSkin and products like it work nicely for present ingrowns and preventing future ingrowns. It is expensive. You can go to the products section of hairtell and take a looksee for more information.



You are in a somewhat difficult position. Right now, you are going through your hormonal surge and that means you will have several years ahead of you where you can expect an increasing amount of hair growth. However, it would be a good idea to see if you can get a few treatments a month now. These could be 15 min. to 1/2 hour treatments.

There are several reasons for this. The main being is that your electrologist has the opportunity to not only remove the thick dark hairs, but to catch many of the hairs that beginning to become deeper and darker before they get to the deepest, darkest stage of anagen (active) hair growth. These smaller hairs can be deleted very quickly at a much lower power setting. The more you do now, the less you will have to deal with later.

Another thing to consider. Despite the belief on the part of many practioners in the field of electrology, permanant hair removal can be accomplished on a good percentage of hairs in the catagen stage (a rest before starting to shed) through early telogen (shedding stage). This is possible because at these stages the hairs are still deep enough to be well inside the moist areas of the skin. The heat being generated by the action of thermolysis is not a small pin point. With proper insertions and energy, the epilator produces a somewhat pear-shaped heating pattern with the widest portion in the deeper, moistest part of the skin and narrowing as it proceeds up the length of the probe.

While many believe, that to remove a hair permanently, one had to destroy the lower 2/3 of the hair root, new research suggests that another area, called the bulge, needs to be disabled as well. Both of these areas are well within the heating pattern of a well-placed insertion on the inside of the hair’s angle of growth with the proper setting. Even in the catagen and early telogen stages.

Just a suggestion. Don’t wait until you’re over 25 like I did. It took me almost 3 years of treatment to clear my back!

Good luck to you,
Joanie, R.E.


This is just a little something extra to consider… with regards to ingrown hairs… Like said before, use a cream, for ingrown hairs… It may help, you will only know once you try.

Also, very improtant, is to exfoliate your skin. This is a big cause for ingrown hairs too…

Get a dry body brush from a chemist, or even an exfoliating cream (which would be more expensive - and it does the same thing), so get yourself a dry body brush, and before you shower just brush over the problem areas, to remove dry skin. Soon it will become a routine, and hopefully you will see results.

Good luck.
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hey thanks for the replies everyone, very helpfull… im hoping to start soon. <img src="/ubbthreads/images/graemlins/smile.gif" alt="" />

Aliciadarling, I am not James, but I will address your question.

Some guys can grow a full beard in highschool. Some men don’t start shaving or developing body hair until they are 25. So who is average?

More then that I’ve had men tell me I didn’t have hair on my back until I was 50. I think these guys are fairly average too.