a few questions..

hi… i had my first laser treatment exactly 3 weeks ago on my full face (cheeks, sideburns, upper lip, chin and neck.) i am very happy with my results so far. i have shed just about all the hair, but there is a small spot on my chin that didnt get zapped well enough.
i’m not sure which laser it was, it was either the gentlelase or lightsheer? i dont know what type skin i have but its basically fair with dark hair. i burn in the sun then it fades into a tan.


  1. how much longer will it be before i will see hair growth? (like i said it’s been three weeks.) i do shave that tiny patch where there’s hair but other than that i dont have to shave at all. it’s very smooth. i have an appointment for approx 7 weeks after first treatment and want to know when will the next batch of hair be growing in and will it be as thick as it was before laser?

  2. i know you are supposed to avoid sunlight after treatment, but for how long? and do i have to avoid the sun during the entire course of my treatment? (as in, months and months, until my 6 or 8 treatments are done?) i am planning a vacation in feb and will be getting some sun. i do NOT want to cancel my vacation (havent had one in many years)

i think that’s it really. there were several questions there and i know i can call and ask my tech but i havent had time and now its thanksgiving! i will definitely talk to her about this stuff also, but thought you guys could help me out in the mean time.

thank you very much, this forum has beend very helpful!

Regrowth takes about 2 months, hence the 7 week interval.

The Gentlelase or Lightsheer will make you sensitive to the sun for awhile. When I had lightsheer treatments, I would wait 2 weeks then go back in the sun and start out with SPF15 one weekend, then SPF 8 the next, then SPF 4. But I am a type 4 and tan easily, and I had my upper body lasered.

I would not cancel the vacation! If you use an SPF 30 on the face (it is more sensitive to the sun) you will be OK and not hinder the laser treatments at all. You can still tan the rest of your body if it is not being lasered!

The Nd:YAG lasers interfere with suntanning less. I only had to wait 2 weeks before going out in the sun, and my skin was not more susceptible to burning as a result. And I was able to start Nd:YAG treatments after staying out of the sun for only a month.

But stay with your current laser and go with the SPF 30. Either laser should work well for your skin type.


thank you so much! this is good news, i’m looking forward to my vacation. <img src="/ubbthreads/images/graemlins/smile.gif" alt="" />
i don’t plan on baking in the sun the entire time, but i will be in a nice sunny warm climate, so i will definitely wear sunblock.

i was considering switching to the ND:YAG laser because my skin on my face is very sensitive. with the gentlelase(?) she definitely had the settings up pretty high and i was a little burned on my cheeks after my treatment. it lasted a good 5 days and i was worried for a while but it’s looking good now. i think it may have been because she dry shaved my face right before the treatment! i could have died! like i said, my face is sensitive anyway, so i’m positive some of that burn was razor burn. i’m not letting her shave me next time, but do you think i should ask her to turn down the joules? i really want the most effective treatment, and i can deal with it being red for a few days, but i don’t want to damage my skin.

also, i have a tip for speeding up the shedding process.

i use a gentle exfoiliant (st. ives apricot scrub) a few days after the treatment (skin was too sensitive at first) in the shower in the morning. then apply a generous amount of vaseline. i know it’s greasy, but if you aren’t really going anywhere or while you are home i would keep it on. then before bed i use the exfoiliant again OR a soft face brush with a gentle facial cleanser. apply vaseline again before getting in bed.

on my 9th day after treatment i had most of the day off so i washed then put on the vaseline for a good 5 hours. then when i went to wash it off, TONS of hair started shedding! it was great. i’m sure i would have been shedding no matter what but the vaseline really seems to draw the hair out for me.

hope this helps someone!

you’re right. i’m sure dry shaving probably caused most of that. i would stay at same settings and shave carefully yourself next time with shaving cream etc. looks like you’re getting good results. keep us updated. also, i always tell people to recommend the places they’re going to so others can benefit from experienced techs.

i will definitely keep you updated. i am so excited. my face has never been so smooth, soft and white! (i had major 5 o’clock shadow all the time.)

hopefully you guys don’t look down on this place, it is a ‘spa’ type, but also does medical procedures. my tech, kathy has been doing laser for 8 years and she was really nice.

i am in metro detroit, michigan. here is the website of my place: visable results

the type of place it is and what qualifications the person treating you has on paper are all less important than actual hands-on experience specifically in hair removal. once again, it seems that this person has it since lasers have been out for about 8 yrs or so. good luck.