A Few Questions

Hello Everyone. I am a 17 year old male with light skin and dark hair. I have EXTREMELY hairy legs. I would like to get my full legs, buttocks, and lower back done.

What i need to know is:

What laser should i use?
How many treaments should i get done?
What is an approximate cost?
Any places in the Chicago land area that you would recommend?

Any Help would be GREATLY appreciated!!
Thanks in advance!!

Don’t rule out electrolysis.

Legs are easy for and electrologist, and you won’t have the potential for burning, spotty patches of discoloration and no shedding period for burnt hair tissue trapped in place. You also won’t have hairs turning white, and getting thicker. White hairs can not be treated by LASER, but one of its side effects is hairs turning white.

The cost may be about the same or less with Electrolysis, and most studies say LASER is capped at a 60% removal rate. If you want it all gone, you would still have to “Finish with electrolysis”

Hello somedude333,

Welcome to HairTell.

Firstly, I would like to suggest you using the temporary method for the time being, as you are just 17. You might have more new hair growing out in next few years time, neither Laser or electrolysis can treat those future hair.

Laser would be a suitable solution for you with your light skin and dark hair. Now the next question is how light is your skin, and how dark (and thick) is your hair.

However, the treatment would be quite expensive. Again, I would suggest you to use temporary solution, you might change your mind in the future.

Ants is right. Nothing can treat hairs before they start to grow. However, if you did get permanent removal of what you have, the future treatments could be just what grows, as it grows in clean up sessions every now and then.

Keep in mind however, electrolysis is more permanent than a tattoo. Once we take the hair away, we can’t put it back again.

Ants is right to point out that at your age you body may still develop new hair folicles.
As for the laser type, I would recommend an Alexandrite or Nd-Yag, but Yag is very painfull.
You should expect a minimum of 5-6 treatments, unless you are looking just for a partial reduction.