A few questions

I’m a guy, and I’m pretty young (let’s not go there). I have to say I’m an early bloomer though and have had a lot of hair for quite some time.

The thing is, it’s spread out over a lot of area, and electrolysis seems to be pretty expensive and time consuming.

Also, I’m not really looking to get rid of all my hair permanently, just lessen it in some areas, make it a little thinner, and things like that.

Is laser always permanent?

I’ve looked at a lot of laser websites and such, but they dont give prices. How much (an estimate) would it cost to do large areas (such as all of the legs, and the chest)?

Hair inhibitors seem to sound like they would do the job that I want. Are any of them clinically proven? Everybody here makes it out to sound like they’re all a scam… Do people actually get any results with them?

I’m light-skinned with brown hair (it’s black when thick) if that helps you answer any of these questions.

ps. man this stuff is embarassing

Both Laser and electrolysis are not cheap.

If you are still young, you might want to wait another few years before you start treatment.

Laser is permanent reduction, and for myself, it is somehow permanent and for those hair grow back, they are a lot finer.

why should you wait a few years if you are young? I thought it’s better to get it as soon as possible??? someone please clarify

Since a young person is not yet done sprouting new hair follicles no matter how effective your treatment is, one could expect to have new growth for 5 to 10 years to come.

One can either look at it as, you can get full clearance and just put in maintenance until your body is done recruiting new hairs, or you can decide to wait until all the hair is in, and try to remove it then.

From a professional’s point of view, the sooner you start, the sooner we get you to the point of clearing you out every time. As an electrologist, we would be able to remove hairs before they were even visible to the naked eye. First clearance would be achieved, and from there on, any hair that came in could be removed as soon as it peeked its head above the surface of the skin. Although you might be having appointments over the course of ten years, they would be short, and long periods in between. After the first six months to a year, you might have only 4 appointments per year or less.

There’s a post on prices here:


The only topical hair inhibitor with published clinical data is Vaniqa, but it has only been tested on women’s faces.