a few questions..

I am going for my first full clearance the 19th, she told me not to touch the hairs until then(this will be about 20 days worth)do you normally have to do this?she said its so she can figure out when to schedule my next app.I guess it makes some sense…another question I have is, the hairs on the bottom of my chin she told me they werent abnormal and to leave them…but the hair on the rest of my face is very light blonde so the ones I used to wax and pluck are darker…what should I do about this?Also I have about 3 black hairs that grow on my face in odd places…always the same though…when i pluck them sometimes it takes a long time for them to grow back, can my electrolygist take care of these for me?Thanks alot :stuck_out_tongue:

I, too, had to let the hairs grow. I had 14 days growth and was very embarassed. My electrologist told me it was important to have some growth because it may take weeks for a plucked hair to resurface for treatment. Anxious for quickest recults possible, I resisted the urge to pluck. She said I could trim the hairs, though. I didn’t do that because I wanted to be sure they would be visible (I got creative with my head hair, scarves/clothing to conceal). I also have a few thick dark/hairs on my cheek and near my ear that pop up–your electrologist should be able to take care of those.

The saying in the business is, “Pluck only the hairs you want to keep.”

At least a shaved, or clipped hair is availible for treatment. Letting the hair grow long allows the electrologist to judge which hairs are currently growing, and which hairs are not.

“pluck only the hairs you want to keep”, I like that! I might have to steal it.