A few questions

I am working out and am getting in really good shape.

The problem is I am hairy. I figure I am going to need a laser on my chest, but my back is pretty light.

I only have small normal blonde hairs on my back, except for about 200 hairs that are dark black (Sad I tried to count them, I think I got the number about right). I have had them for about 3 years. It doesn’t seem to really be increasing much if any, but it just is long (about an inch). I would like to use electrolysis to permanately remove the hairs on my back.

How many treatments do you think this would take?

For my chest I am going to use a Laser, but right now that isn’t a financial option. I just started a business and the machine I am building has run over on costs by about 4000 dollars.

I have about 200 dollars to spend, do you think I could get rid of the 200 hairs on my back? I don’t mind the ones on my chest as much, because I can wax them, but I would like something done with the ones on my back.

I just really really don’t like those hairs on my back. My best friend is a Massage therapist and she consistantly offers me massages and I normally turn them down with an excuse that I am busy.

I really don’t like to do that to her.

Sorry…I am rambling.

Also does anyone have anyone to suggest in the Phoenix Area?

If you really only have 200 hairs (No one who has ever told me they have 100 to 200 hairs has ever been close) then you could remove them all in one session with the speed of many exerienced practitioners. And then you would need to go back for a shorter treatment in 3 to 6 weeks to get the ones that are on the way up the follicles, but not currently visible.

But if you only have 200 visible, you could get a first clearance, and be visibly hair free for at least 3 weeks. That would give you enough time to enjoy that massage with no mental anguish over the state of growth on your back.

Come on folks, I know we have readers in Phoenix. Help a fellow poster out will you? Share the great electrologist you have found with the rest of us!

Well, I do have the natural blonde hairs, but that isn’t what bothers me. So I do have other hair, but it is the black hair that bothers me, because the blonde hair is basically peach fuzz.

Thank you for your reply.