A few questions to the Pro's.

If you go to
You can read User reviews there. One says:

“For over 15 years I used the product and really it is excellent and I have recommended to all my close friends and family too”.

Can you tell me what does it mean?? Is she talking about large areas of hair or is it really taking 15 years to remove the hair forever?

I am a male and have some hair ON my nose and want it to be removed - I have considered a professional but for that I need the hair to grow more, and I can not allow myself to go with hair on my nose for a few days (it is really noticable), I feel more comfortable to remove the hair bymyslf every time it comes out. Also nose is very important detail on the face and I think if I will be carefull I will do a better job then electrologist (it is hard to find a good one).

Also have anyone removed hair on nose with success? Is the nose a hard part of the body to remove hair from?
Thank you very much!

Just go to a pro already!

Pro’s can remove hairs that you can’t see, so allowing the hair to grow long enough to treat, does not mean growing it long enough to braid it. Just clip it down with scissors and a pro can still treat it, just don’t pluck it out.

Nose hairs are really thin, never approaching the tenacity of chin hairs, so the treatment from a pro would be much less likely to cause any problems.

As for doing it with some home machine like an Epen or OneTouch, the hand pieces are difficult to manage, and the probes are large and hard to insert on the nose.

If you insist on doing this in your bathroom, for your own good, at least have another person insert the follicle. This is hard enough without having to try to see clear on how to hit a bulleye in a mirror with a backwards reflection.

I have cleared many persons nose hairs, and when we are done, we are done. It is not even a lot of time in the treatment room. That is why I implore you, for your own sake, go to a pro for this. Pro work with someone in their first week of electrology school would work better on this than you in your bathroom with some $19.95 plus shipping as seen on TV garbage.

Thank you for answering. Another few answers will do it <img src="/ubbthreads/images/graemlins/smile.gif" alt="" /> (going to the pro)
The hair one the nose - is it hard to remove?
Correct me if i am wrong - as far as I know, a lot of blood rushes thru the nose. That means the hairs have a good “food for the roots”?
And how many treatments to remove the hair on the nose?
I didnt understand it till now, thought i read a lots of info on this site. How the hair is removed? Does it become smaller and smaller after every treatment until its gone? Or can some of it it just dissapear after one treatment and the rest just goes away with every successful treatment?
And what is with the One touch? 15 years to remove hair??
Many question, but i can not be blamed - I need to know this before I go to a pro.
Thank you again.

Done correctly, and at the right time, any hair needs only be treated ONCE, that is why you go to a pro.

Nose hairs are easy, but require accurate treatment setting to avoid injury. They won’t get thinner, they will just go away.

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