A few questions for the experts here.

hi, I had my first treatment a few days ago. I was supposed to have had my full back done by the doctor said that due to the fact that my lower back has lighter hair I should only get my upper back done to get the whole back hair to the same level and then after a treatment or two do it all together. to do my upper back he didn’t use the lightsheer XC although I know the clinc holds one, but instead he used an IPL and only set it to 14 joules. I didn’t put any emla before the treatment and it hardly hurt. immediatly after the treatment by back was only slightly red… hardly noticable. as a matter of fact it got red only some time later due to the irritation caused by the shaving. I was wondering what you thought about that? seems like my skin could have taken much more of a “beating” from the machine. is it true that it was better to use the IPL rather than the lightsheer, or should I insiste next time? also, if anyone can compare joules to a laser, doesn’t 14 seem extremely low?
I would like to know because even though I have an unlimited treatment package I do not want to drag this out forever and maybe I should seek another clinic that has the “guts” and experience to use higher energy settings…

some info - I have a type II skin with dark hair.

another question I have is this - when you’re waiting between sessions for the hair to regrow, what is it exactly that you’re waiting for? for all the hairs to grow out or do you need the hair to grow to it’s maximum length?

As far as I know, you are waiting for them to just grow… Whenever you have hairs removed, there are pleny that are not visible and have not “grown” yet. So you are waiting for “new” hairs to grow, and it doesn’t matter, I think, how long they are, as long as they are there to be removed :smile: .

For laser, length doesn’t matter, only that they are there, and it helps if they actually reach the surface.

For electrolysis, length only matters for epilation post treatment of the follicle. If the hair may be grasped by the forceps/tweezers, it can be removed.

14 seems too low. I have had treatmenst with the Aurora IPL/RF system. I was treated with 28J optical and 20J RF. You could definitely feel it but not as much as the Lightsheer at 45J.

I have had some lighter hairs shed after treatment with the Aurora but I’m not ready to pronounce it as the solution for light hair as it is too soon to tell.

If hair is really light as in white, electrolysis may be the better treatment option although it is slower. There’s always trade-offs with hair removal.

I would get the dark hair removed with the Lightsheer and what is left over of the lighter hair with electrolysis. I am not familiar with the IPL system you are talking about and without RF it may not work so well on blond or white hair.