~A few questions about epilators...

I was wondering if hairs grew back thicker, or faster after using an epilator, and if it was safe to use one on my face. I was told by someone who works at a waxing place that I shouldn’t try to tweeze/remove hair from my chin or under my jawbone because the hairs would grow back extremely fast and long. Is there was any truth to that?

After browsing around this forum, I found that the Braun epilators seemed to be the most liked, and I was wondering which stores these were sold at, because I don’t really want to purchase one online.
Thanks! :smile:

Waxing or epilating the face can sometimes lead to problems with side effects like ingrown hairs, but it should not have much effect on hair growth rates. Still, if hair are starting to appear, that means that they will continue to come in thicker whether you remove them or not. Epilating sometimes can make it appear they are coming in thicker than you remember.

I got mine at a nice department store, but you can sometimes find them at discount stores and beauty supply places. Call around your local mall or department stores in the nearest larger town, and you should have luck.

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