a few general questions

This is my first time posting to this list, though I have lurked for a little while! I am thankful to have found a forum for these questions! I am 37 years old and have dealt with excess hair for much of my life. I call it “The Curse” because my mom has this problem too!

It has really damaged my self confidence…I don’t wear shorts or feel comfortable in a bathing suit. I have very fair skin and extrememly dark, coarse and curly hair! YIKES!

I normally shave, but get really bad rashes and razor bumps. I have also tried waxing, but hated the “grow back” period between sessions. Also, my hair is so dark and skin so light that I can always see a shadow of my hair beneath the skin! It’s ugly! I am currently considering LHR as a last alternative. I would like to get my bikini, inner thighs and lower legs done. Can anyone give me a general idea of the cost involved and number of sessions usually required to treat these areas? I also would like to know if the area that is being treated can be exposed to the sun afterwards? I am contemplating starting treatments soon before summer vacations.

Thanks so much for listening…It feels great to have a place to talk about such things! :fearful:

i am having the same thing as you done and just had my first session, so its early days.
keep reading on the site and you find the answers to most of your questions so it is pointless for me to re-iterate esp. regarding permanence, no. of sessions etc.
i totally understand your problem. i have the same issues going to the beach etc, cant go to a hottub, or swimming or wear shorts etc etc and i am 36 and have had these issues my whole life.
i see it like this; i have done my research and realise the results may not be permanent, but i am in a position to try it for the first time cos i can finally afford it. even if the results are finer hair and not full permanent hair rmoval i will be happier than i am now. any improvement will be great instead of having to time the waxing to that vacation or social event!

good luck, do lots of reading and research and keep us posted if you decide to take the plunge. :smile:

I have found with researching my treatents, that everyone offers different prices… I had my upper lip done, the price ranged from $60 - $325, for the same area…!! :fearful:

I decided to go with the cheapest, just to check it out, I was very happy with her and have gone back for more, as I get more money, I plan to have more areas lasered.

I had my underarms done for $125 per treatment… a couple of the other places I have called wanted as much as $400… :fearful:

My lady is good, knows what she is doing and I am very happy with the results so far…

My advice would be to call around and get different quotes and ask what kind of experience they have… more expensive does not necessarily mean better…

Glad to see you posting, bugdbyhair!

Here’s some general cost information in the US:

You should avoid sun for a few weeks before and after treatment to reduce the chance of pigmentation change. With light skin, it’s less likely, but it’s still possible. It can take months to clear up, too, so play it safe with the sun and use sunblock, or better yet, avoid the sun altogether.